The Wolf Pack Howls

A what’s in the box review for the KOB Wolf Pack Flotilla.

Well first off the box cover colour scheme for the Pack really works for me makes you want to get them made and start painting.

What you get in the box is 1 Vengeance class submarine with a submerged base as well, 3 Dominion class support cruisers and 5 Valiant class submarines again with submerged bases x5. Also a leaflet with the rules background etc for using them.

In this box were 6 turrets but I believe only 3 would normally be supplied. The little valiant subs have quite a large amount if firepower five of them being able to release the same or more torpedoes depending on range as three Vanguard subs can.

With the pack comes the ability to take Commodore Sir Rodney Carlton for 15pts who gives a list if potential bonuses for the fleet which include all submarines in the fleet getting the Sturginium Boost MAR and other submarines in the fleet can take the Pack Hunter MAR for an extra cost of 5pts each. The main Vengeance submarine has a list of MAR’s including Iron Ram, Hull Ripper and Hull Breaker so can be lethal if you let it get close ! All the subs have Water Hunter as well so good for anti submarine work. Would pay to take at least one other squadron of submarines in the fleet if you are taking Sir Rodney IMO, this pack is a great addition to the KOB. Enjoy.

To read Marks other reviews click on the link HERE


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