Happy birthday to me well these weekly rants/chats.

Thats right Beareditorial is over a year old now and with the exception of Christmas and 1 holiday I have not missed a week. Which was one of my aims doing these posts 🙂 So thank you for the people that read this and even though it is on a Sunday when must people should be asleep or at least making their roast dinner 😉 So in recongition of this fact here is some cake.

Flock and Awe

We are actually almost to schedule now 🙂 so go check out episode 10 of the podcast with special guests Bendy Boards.

Imperial Knight

So it is true they have been spoilt completely by now. But I have to say I am not overly impressed/bothered by it maybe because I am too young to have a real attachment to Epic like some of the old folk on Twitter 😉


Managed to get some more game time with my Gremlins. I am trying to concentrate on Somer at the moment, while testing out various extras to him. Admittedly this has meant I have lost again but  I did get to try out Gracie and Burt….

Well Burt I have no idea as he died horribly before he could do anything. But Gracie is a TANK she took out a full Flesh Construct in one turn and then nearly did the same to McMourning himself. I really like her a lot and is so survivable (assuming she can use her Armour). She makes for an interesting choice over Lenny at the similar cost range.

Next up is to try Burt again but also the pigapult.


In other news Maxmini have released a video of some upcoming models..

Looks very cool.

War Room

Good news it sounds like PP have listened to the community about how they want War Room to work (especially after removal of iBodger) that means tier list validation and generally a bet experience when list building.

Hopefully it hasnt gone too buggy again with such a major change. But kudos to PP for doing this.

Paint/hobby Corner

Still painting Eldar although that is not entirely true as I haven’t actually painted this week :S

I am hoping that pretty soon I will be able to also finish off my new beer can terrain. But again that is a long process just because I need the time to put the finishing touches before painting..

Wonder if the missus will let me make some more trees not down that for a while.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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