Assimilator the Modulator to ensure you Conservator

As we gear (see what I did) up for the release of the new Floaty Vectors, I figured I would carry on my posts about different sections of the CoC army.

All 3 are obviously based on the same chassis and as such have the same stats;

What you get is basically a Cygnar Jack with a slightly lower DEF but you do get pathfinder due to the floatyness. Comparing to the other CoC chassis you are much more manoeuvrable and slightly harder to hit (although still below average rolls for most things) but ARM is also lower.

Pathfinder is very handy although you see a bit of Skornergy (CoCergy?) with the optifex directive unit as they can’t use one of their abilities on this chassis.

Pretty average Jack stats then, time to look at the individual vectors then (should really call them Vectors more)


On first viewing this Jack stands out over the other ones, first the Rending Claw which is one of the few Weapon Masters on a heavy anywhere on top of reach as well :O With a decent P&S as well, you will be doing more than scratches on a Khador jack when charging. ON top of this it has the assimilation rule which means it can heal itself if it destroys a construct, generally not bad but wont help too much in the long run as it is during your activation so you may not need it if you have got into combat first and wrecked something.

Then we have its gun the Dissevering Microswarm (longest name ever) which has OK range but a big AoE and nice POW to it. What is helpful is the Ground Pounder attack which is another way of getting round stealth and also good for taking out medium armoured stuff over the normal AoE attack. (many POW12 better than blast damage).

Certainly a Vector for all seasons, as it can deal with infantry (except heavy ones) at range and then can wreck face up close with that crazy claw.


Pretty straight forward melee vector. At first glance it is maybe a bit lacking, as those weapons are very low for a jack of any description. However they are both open fists so double-handed throws are a possibility and also since they both have buckler. We actually have a vector that is at the same ARM as a khador jack which actually makes it the toughest vector CoC can take based on stats (highest DEF and ARM).

What does make this vector and interesting choice is its troop support abilities. First up Shield Guard is always on (so again a touch of CoCergy with Iron Mother) but certainly helps protect squishy things. It also has Hand of Vengeance which means if any infantry dies near by then it gets +2 to-hit and damage rolls which brings its hitting power up just enough to be OK for a heavy.

The Conservator is an interesting choice and certainly good in more infantry heavy lists like Axis and Aurora. Under Axis feat after some infantry dying it is going to be a crazy vector to charge in with SPD7, MAT9, P&S19 on 2 attacks before boosting is nothing to sneeze at.


Possibly the craziest vector we have (which is saying something). It is certainly a Nemo’s wet dream of electricity. With the immunity to electricity and the zappy  Emitter Surge.

Basically these do not want to be in combat! They can kill infantry but that is probably it in combat! What makes them interesting is those 2 zappy guns both are ok range but low POW. What makes them interesting is if you hit you can draw a line between the modulator and target. Anything intersected by that line also takes a low POW hit. Great for taking out stealth targets or high DEF targets that are in front of a low DEF one!

If you hit the Modulator in combat it also dishes out a low POW damage for their trouble.

It is an unusual vector and possibly the one I am struggling to find a use for beyond taking out low ARM targets. It is however the cheapest heavy in the faction which is nothing to be sneezed when it has 2 range and 2 melee weapons.

Overall the 3 vectors are pretty decent, at the moment I am not sure if they out shine their 4-legged brethren but I can see them having some uses in lists. I suppose I will be getting a couple at least to go with my 5 others….


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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