Bushido Ito Clan Review

Thanks to the guys from GCT studios I have some of their Bushido models to review (click the banner above to see more).

In particular I have the Ito Clan starter set and also the model Ayako Ito as well. If you are interested I really suggest you go have a read on the website, but for those lazy people here is some info on Clan Ito

The Ito have long been the laughing stock of the ruling clans. Never quite able to understand that it is their own flaws which hold their greater ambitions back. Being untrustworthy is synonymous with the Ito in the Jwar Isles; their support of the Shiho’s rise to power followed by their treacherous role in the Dragon Wars against the very same clan, highlights their fickle nature. Now though the Ito on the island of Izu have gone through a transformation, their alliance with an age old and powerful Kami has imbued them with a new found strength. If it was the Kami that caused the snake like changes or whether it has simply exaggerated the Ito’s natural affinity is unknown. What is sure is that the Ito finally have the power to rise against the other clans and avenge the mockery and mistreatment they have suffered. Will this venomous clan prove to be one dose of poison too much for the Jwar Isles?

Sounds cool does it not 🙂 everyone loves some snakes.. So lets dive right into this pit of snakes (see what I did there……..sorry).

First up the packaging is nice a simple you can see all the bits to tempt you. First impressions of the models, not hero scale which is becoming more and more popular with for skirmish based games. I like this tread as it means the life-like nature of the models (even ones with Snake heads) is pretty incredible, although it terrifies me to paint them with the detailing.

The stat cards are very very nice: colours are vivid, artwork impressive, text is easy to read and they are finished in a way to suggest they wont scruff up easily as some cards I have seen can.

But now for the models, below is everything you get in the Ayako kit and as you can see the details are very nice and like all the models hardly any clear up is needed, no excess flash or mould lines to speak of.

An Extreme close of Akimoto, again the mould lines are not bad, but also notice the great blending of scales into flesh around the shoulders.

Here is the finished models and as you can see they look amazing!

Although some of the parts are very small, there was no real problems getting these bad boys (and girls) together. Just be prepared to swear if you drop an arm 😉

As you can see (ignore my bent sword) that details are nice, but not over the top for a man with no shirt on (the musculature is not crazy for instance).

Here is the finished Ayako, again details are nice and you can see not much in the way of mould lines.

Overall – These models are great and for the price you cannot go wrong. Especially as they are very competitive for starter sets. They would also fit nicely into any Japanese themed games you are playing or even factions with a similar theme, say 10 Thunders in malifaux 😉

Keep your eyes peeled for a rules review ALTHOUGH since they are free why not go and check them out yourself HERE


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