So I have spent the week thinking about Eldar lists again, but also looking at shiny Batman models which will be reviewed soon πŸ˜‰

I am also going to try to do some more Malifaux posts so if people have any suggestions let me know. As I am hoping that by supplying such posts I can understand the game more. Which in turn will help me as an aim this year is to get to a Malifaux tournament..

Horsey Styrker

It sounds better than Lord General I think you will agree πŸ˜‰

So he has been spoilt over on End Game if you have missed it. I really like the look of him but then I love all the strykers so he would have to be bad for me not to like him πŸ˜‰

Interesting to see he is the first (that we know about) Caster with field marshal ability outside of CoC. All his upkeeps are going to be important during the game but he is very attack orientated no really defence buffs or abilities, so at least a Junior is going to be important.

Love his feat and he certainly appears to want a mixed arms idea of infantry/cavalry and jacks. A certainly the idea of a stormclad having a charge range of 12″ and hitting with a P&S 22 plus 4 dice of damage plus assault so an extra POW 14 attack as well. Call me impressed πŸ˜€


So the new GW release schedule continues with wave 2 of the Dwarves being spoilt. I have to say the new Gyrocopter is the oddest thing I have seen in a long time especially when you compare it to the Gyro BomberΒ  (PICS here).

I am generally liking the Dwarves at the moment, however I am feeling indifferent to warhammer anyway at the moment cant seen to get the motivation to deal with it. Other systems I am fine with but very meh at the moment about fantasy..


So after the Templecon keynote speech the Cephalyx are going to be a Mercs Sub faction!! This is very interesting, I love the idea you can use other merc units that are mind controlled by the a Cephalyx and if he dies they wake up and run away. Boomholwer legs it πŸ˜‰

Interested to see how these guys go although as a follower of the Maiden they sicken me πŸ˜‰

Serpent Shield

And for those that dont read the wobbly model syndrome web comic have some of this πŸ˜‰

Convergence of Cyriss

So everything has now been spoilt for the CoC, OK the battle engine we have only seen as 3D renders but it is close enough for the time being. PP really have knocked the CoC out of the park as far as releasing goes (I don’t remember Retribution being this quick with fewer models).

As far as the foundry goes I am surprised by it, I was expecting something more floaty. Sort of floats over the fallen and fiddles with the clockwork vessel like that. I am very tempted to stick it on a flight stand anyway.

Paint/hobby Corner

I have painted some more Eldar, which has been fun. However at the moment I am struggling with painting as my to-paint pile is large and currently I don’t have a deadline of say a tournament to motivate me. Which means I can paint anything SO I end up painting nothing or try painting 7 things which is not fun when I use a lap tray to paint…

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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