Bendy Boards Malifaux Carry Tray Review

So the worlds longest title but worth it 😉

Today I will be having a look at the Carry/Tournament tray from Bendy boards which is run by Henchman Lee Battrick (you can grab him on Twitter @leebattrick).

As hopefully you know Malifaux needs fewer models so some of the other tournament trays available out there (nearly all US-based) are a touch to big for malifaux needs, combined with the fact you have more paraphernalia such as stat cards, deck of cards, pens, tape measures etc. so anything to help with all these is a good thing 🙂

Enter bendy boards who have branched out from well their bendy gaming boards. Which look amazing by the way, if you are short on storage and need something easily tucked away for your games then check those boards out…….But I am here to talk about the trays (focus bear).

First thing you notice when you open your parcel is that this is a solid piece of kit, it aint going to bend (like those boards) so carrying your models is going to be a nice stable affair.

As you can see it is made from mdf and is well put together, feels solid, looks solid and after jumping on it (not really) it is solid.

The side section, as you can see holds all the bits and pieces you will need to carry while moving around the tables during a tournament. While the base holes (can’t think of a better word) are well placed apart.

As you can see from the stylish gremlins below everything fits well.

The different trays that will be available are in the following layouts;

  • Tray A – Holds 14 30mm, 2 40mm and 1 50mm
  • Tray B – Holds 14 30mm, 1 40mm and 2 50mm
  • Tray C – Holds 12 30mm, 2 40mm and 2 50mm

That means you will be able to hold a large amount of models without much to worry about, although Summoner masters may struggle a little depending on your crew pools. But generally you will be able to carry 2 crew starter sets with extras left which will mean a very healthy amount of points to carry around.

Now these are not available yet BUT will be on sale at SMOGCON and then go on official release the week after.

So if you are going to SMOGCON keep your eyes peeled as they will be in short supply I am sure. It should be pretty easy as Lee has conned himself a little stall at the event.

But what about the price? Well for a steal at £15 you can not go wrong for what you are getting! But be ready for more as Lee looks to go international (yes currently only UK players can get their hands on one) as well as a new website and maybe other system carry trays (I have said too much)..

Overall if you play malifaux (or other skirmish size game) and need a tray to carry your miniatures them from table to table, then the Bendy Boards one is what you want!

Also check back soon as I look to gremlin up my tray 😀 Bayou Board anyone?


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