Been a decent week, this week., Got some painting done and even played a game.

First game with Eldar after much playing around with lists, in the end I lost but it was a good laugh and I got to see what various eldar bits can do.

  1. Yes, Wave Serpents are great tanks BUT I shouldn’t be using them as my Anti-Air. So need to look at Crimson Hunter and/or Agesis D-Line.
  2. Need to find a better way of protecting Scorpions, probably down to my deployment choices!
  3. Avatar is a brute even when given lots of chaff to deal with.
  4. Wraithknight needs to be weary of ID weapons. However not needing to stomp due to S10 already is a massive bonus.
  5. Jetbikes are amazing!!
  6. Eldar have too much stuff in the Codex I want to take!
Dwarves have landed

So they are here and are looking shiny, I have always had a love for the Stunties. It’s probably why I put up with Kev so much on the podcast. Just wish they were all a little more dynamic like that new Slayer model 😀

Time will tell if they nice rules-wise I may need a trip to parents to dig out some little guys I am sure I still have lying around…

White Dwarf

Well the new era has started! What are peoples thoughts on the new magazines? Be it paper or digital copies.

So far Visions is a huge let down, it appears as some have said to be a coffee table book with some tutorials at the end….Erm…….This will not last long if I am honest, even if they have an army out every month!

White Dwarf Weekly seems ok and over 120 pages a month isnt too bad but when you consider that will cost nearly £10 then it becomes a little tough to stomach. But at least you can pick which weeks to pick up.

I hate to be a doom monger as I love wargaming magazines (in either format) but come 2015 I think GW wont have a magazine of any form. Just a newsletter!

Paint/hobby Corner

Painting more CoC and psyching myself up to make the vector kits up and magnetise a couple of them as well. I am slowly getting through my eldar although I am trying to make them look good so is taking much longer than if I was painting orks lol.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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