Beeb a longggg week again, why does real life insist on getting in the way so much, it’s ever so rude 😛

Anyway I have spent most of this week dreaming up lists for the different armies I have, which has been fun as think I have started to blur the lines a little, who knew CoC could take a Annihilation Barge :S


In case you havent noticed the latest episode of Flock and Awe is out in which we have a look at Malifaux. Enjoy if you dare HERE


Been looking at Batman again, this is a bad thing as I shouldn’t be starting any new systems..Expect more news soon..

Father Lucant

He has arrived..I am very surprised how thin he looks, although suppose on a 50mm base he is going to be huge….I worry about those contact points on his legs. He may need to be stepping through some cogs to give better joins. We shall see, not much left to see now!

Battle engine we have seen the renders for so basically only the Foundry left to see in any form! PP really have smashed out the CoC and I for one am happy. Still bitter about waiting for Super Squire to turn up though.

White Dwarf

Hands up if you are picking any of them up this coming Saturday?  I will admit I am interest to see what they have but still not convinced it will be anything like the good ol’days..

Paint/hobby Corner

I have painted so CoC 😀 which is a good thing considering what I have now got for them after some wheeler-dealing but for now it is back to Chaos and some Knights to start painting. Oh and sort out some more Eldar painting.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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