Beared-itorial – New Year

Well we are back and stumbling. Christmas was alcohol and food filled, I am now ready to hibernate……What do you mean I can’t?! Boo-Hiss.


Well I am a few unfinished games (bloody kids) into M2E and I have to say I am liking it a lot. It was worth the wait to finally get my hands on the rules (a saga worthy of Hollywood), to the extent that despite all the shiny new plastics I am sticking with my Gremlins and will NOT be looking into any new factions. Although with cross-faction masters that could be tough going forward :S But anyway keep your eyes peeled for some ranting by me about gremlins in the future it may even be helpful, possibly.

40k and new edition?!

Over my downtime I see there has been rumours of a newer edition of 40K coming. All of it mixed and blurry and wishlisting but what did get my interest is the idea of living rulebooks/codices so instead of new editions we see tweaks to the game. I suppose this works with how we saw the GW advent calendar with data slates with new rules one-off characters to add into your games, on top of the supplements we are seeing. It is all very exciting and means gamers in theory don’t need to wait for their codex to be updated as it will be tweaked/edited when it is needed (perhaps we will see them adopt a more wider ranging release schedule similar to what PP and others do?).

However what I do think this means is that perhaps by the end of the year hard copies of stuff will be a thing of the past! I really do think GW are wanting to go the way of the Dodo and have only digital copies of anything. Is this a good idea I am not sure as I do love having a book in my hands but the advantage of a living rulebook could be too great to overlook.


So I have picked the IA12 book in a swap deal and well I have to say, I am liking the idea of a Dark Harvest army. With their slow-ish decent into madness and lots and lots of Flayed ones. I smell lots of converting and Forge World stuff……mmmmmmmmmmmh

Floaty CoC

The convergence is finally up to is allowance of heavy Jacks, this is a good thing.

Overall I am still warming to the look and feel of these Jacks/Vectors. I am liking that they actually float with PP using the little cured stands for them (I can imagine we will see there use across all factions pretty soon) I also like that the lower half of the model can be directly traced back to Syntherions body as well. I am not completely sold on the upper bodies, suppose I need to see them in the flesh (metal?) first!

I think the assimilator is the one causing me the most problems, not a fan of the head OR the weapon systems

I like the conservator a bit more, however I am not sold on the arms for him. I feel like the shield arms should be BIGGER! Like the Menoth light jack whose name escapes me.

The modulator is probably I favourite of the 3 mainly because I hope Cygnar borrow some of this technology for future Storm weapons 😉 but also it is the first time that one of these 3-in-1 kits has had such a big difference. Go check out the PP website for the 360 shots and you will see what I mean about the back generator.

WOOHOO! Who cares if it looks like a floating washing machine, you are going to see a lot of these bad boys in lists, because you are crazy not too 😉

White Dwarf is DEAD AKA Chinese Whispers

Well this could be the biggest shake up in a while, IF rumours are to be believed (time of writing). The addition of a weekly minimag AND a new monthly magazine. White Dwarf Weekly is going to be a small (30ish page) magazine covering new releases and articles. While the new Warhammer Visions is going to be a collectors piece, whatever that means.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens with all this, but I am sure to have some more words on this in the future….maybe…..if I can be bothered :S

Paint/hobby Corner

Well over the Christmas period I have finished some more warriors. I have also made great inroads into my Prime Axiom colossal and have finally started painting some Eldar. Which is proving to be a challenge but it is one I am enjoying at the moment (not gone insane).

I may have also un-retired necrons so will be looking at some possibilities of rusty robots soon..

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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