Rifle Range for the EOTBS

Dystopian Legions what’s in the box review of EOTBS Imperial Rifle Section, including Sergeant and Specialist.


First up the Sergeant and Specialist. You get two miniatures and the associated parts, two bases and an activation card.


Next the Rifle Section. You get five miniatures and associated parts, five bases and an activation card.


The quality is as usual very good with some nice detail although these are quite plain uniforms compared to the Ashigaru. There is a miscast issue with this box (details below) but I do not expect this to be in every box. The small amount of flashing that needs cleaning up is an issue when it comes to the weapons as they are very thin and to tidy the ends and leave them correctly fitting the arms is difficult to say the least.

Also I found the means of fitting on the arms did not work well with the inserts on one end not fitting the depressions on the other exactly leaving the need to either make them flat to fit or plug any gaps with green stuff afterwards.


I include a couple of close up pictures for detail, the second picture shows the first miscast issue i have had with Spartan, as you can see the foot is missing and the slot for the base. Not a major issue as the foot can be hidden in the basing and there is enough flashing to fix to the base. I do like the poses of this unit with some unusual ones such as the one operating the bolt-action of his rifle.



These will give the EOTBS a long-range option which during my last game would have been very handy indeed. The Teppo rifle is effective up to range band 3 and long-range band four rolling 2 blue dice (black at long-range), the specailist marksmans rifle is effective to range band 3 and long-range band 5 rolling 3 blue dice (black at long-range). The sergeant has a dragons breath shotgun for close action if needed. You could have up to 10 in the section 11 if you add a medic.The WAR’s are Quick Setup for the ordinary Teppo and Move or Fire for the marksmans Teppo. Have fun EOTBS players.

To read Marks other reviews click on the link (doc) HERE


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