Gaming Resolutions

It is that time again where people make promises they  can not keep past the 5th of January 😉

We all try these things and more often than not we get distracted, forget or just decide that the shiny is toooo tempting!!

Now usually I do not subscribe these sort of things mainly as I have a habit of forgetting about whatever I am suppose to try or give it. Lent is the same I remember about half way through that chocolate bar :S

I am however going to try something this year which I would imagine will be highly taxing for me (especially doing this blog and getting so much exposure to all that the hobby brings).

I am not going to start any new FACTIONS!!!

What this means is for all my current systems I am stuck with what I have for this year, no more chopping and changing. This means that for the following systems I am shaping up like this.

40K – Orks and Eldar

Warhammer – Warriors of Chaos

Warmachine – Cygnar and CoC

Hordes – Skorne and Legion

Malifaux – Gremlins

Dystopian Wars – Empire of the Blazing Sun

Deep Wars – Fortune Hunters

Freebooters Fate – Pirate Goblins

Surely new releases for these should keep me busy for a year? Now I do have some side projects going on as well. Such as my Grotau but they are count-as allies so I can use them normally within the Ork Codex so they dont count (this is not bending the rules).

Overall I believe this is very doable, as Orks are due an update and PP can keep feeding me book updates anyway 😉 I am relearning Malifaux M2E finally and rumours of newer Dsytopian Wars rules has them on to chill anyway.

Now I am allowing one twist to this no Factions rule, I am allowing a new system to enter the stable but I am in no rush to do something like that 😉 On top of this I am allowed to drop armies BUT cant pick up new ones..

So what say you all? Can I do it? Am I doomed to fail? Are you also looking into some gaming resolutions?



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