Scheming by a strategic idiot

So finally getting back into malifaux with my ‘new’ faction, the Gremlins. So I thought I would look at the schemes and strategies that malifaux have as their calling cards, but in a generic non-faction way hopefully..
Now I am sure tactically I will miss stuff due to my inexperience hence the idiot bit ;). When I give examples they are based on some rough knowledge due to only have the gremlin cards and the rule manual.

First up Strategies;
Turf War – Simply a marker in the middle of the table that allows you to gain a VP if you have 2+ non-peon models within 6″. A simple mission that means you need models in the middle regardless of your opponent (no 40k contesting), 2 models is a lot in malifaux to survive till the end of the turn, especially with the alternating activation.
You will need to consider either out activating your opponent (gremlins), surviving your opponents attacks (rail golems), butchering your opponent (Lady J) and/or movement shenanigans either to your own or opponents (Lure).

Reckoning – Butchery!!! Kill/sacrifice 2 or more models a turn to gain a VP, bonus VP for wiping out an opponent. Relatively straight forward axe to mouth mission. While hoping you survive the retaliation. Viks, Lady J maybe McMourning with upgrades can be popular here. I think it would be interesting to see how lots of minions (numbers) vs lots of enforcer (elite) crews would fair against each other.

Reconnoiter – Table quarter claiming which is basically a VP for claiming 2 quarters, if you have more models than your opponent in each quarter. You will need speed for this, Lilith crews could be good with this or summoner masters just for the numbers game. Does require a touch of crew splitting so careful group selection is going to be important.

Squatter’s Rights – There are 5 markers on the centre line, you gain a VP if you control 2 or more of them (interact action needed). Like the Turf War strategy, out activating or out numbering your opponent will be helpful. Also speed could be handy as with 5 markers to be contested you could spread yourself very thin.

Stake a Claim – You have more markers in your opponents side of the table than they have in yours. Straight shoot out if you can out marker your opponent. Like so many of these strategies speed and numbers are going to be helpful here.

So, generally out activating your opponent will really help you with the strategies. Achieving this can be by numbers or just hacking up your opponent generally. The number of AP you have is extremely precious and probably key for hitting hose VP for the strategy you are playing.
These are probably reasonably easy to achieve if you don’t forget about them, however you can only ever gain a total of 4VP. So this means schemes will generally be how you win or lose a game..

Now moving onto the schemes they are more personalised as you get to choose 2 from 5, so can be really tailored toward your build and your opponent.

A Line in the Sand – VP if you have 4+ markers on the centreline at the end of the game. A tough one really, even if you are announcing it and getting bonus VP for just 2 markers. More than any other it is easier for you opponent to counter by removing markers.

Distract – If you have got into close range of your opponent, you can distract them. You gain a VP if you have 2 opponents with distract on them. Again a tough one but certainly harder to shift than A line in the sand as it needs a 2 AP to remove the distract.

Breakthrough – Gain a VP for each marker placed within 6″ of your opponents Deployment zone. Speed is going to be key with this one as you need to get near the deployment zone while avoiding your opponent.

Assassinate – Kill the leader pretty straight forward. Do it quickly for more VP. Certainly handy to do against front line masters BUT there is usually a reasons they front line masters, they bring pain!!

Protect Territory – Have a marker(s) at least 6″ away from your deployment zone and have a friendly model near it as well. This one is certainly good for those more static/slow crews that can also take a beating to keep enemies away and/or survive till the end.

Bodyguard – non-leader/henchman/enforcer model needs to survive till he end of the game. Speed is important or just a good way of keeping the model out of the way.

Cursed Object – A variation on the distract scheme, instead of your opponent needing a 2 AP action to remove the ‘tag’ they can remove it on a Wp duel. Against low Wp crews this could be awesome as shifting could be difficult.

Outflank – You gain VP for having models near table edges on the centreline. This plays very different depending on deployment type (diagonal or normal), if you have speed then the diagonal centreline can be easily achieved as most other schemes and strategies are based around the centre of the table usually. Normal deployment you will need to have non-peon models that can take a beating as mentioned everyone will be closer.

Plant Evidence – Gaining VP for having markers touching terrain piece in your opponents half of the table. Certainly a tricky one and is very dependent on the amount of terrain about.

Entourage – If your master/henchman can get into your opponents half of the table or deployment zone then you gain VPs. A fast master would make this one easy, Mei Feng should be ok at this if memory is right..

Vendetta – Pick one of your models as always non-peon and an opponent model that is equal or greater cost. Then you gain a VP if your models first attack action is against that model, more VP if your opponent dies and a total of 3 if you your model does the killing. Any snipers you have access to could be handy for this.

Plant Explosives – A tweak on marker schemes as you can gain a VP for each enemy model within 3″ of a marker. Can only do this once per game but could in theory give big totals, if you catch most of their crew.

Make them Suffer – If your master is a killing a machine than gaining VP for getting hold of minions and peons is a happy day indeed.

Deliver the Message – You gain VP if you can do a 2 AP interact action when engaged with the leader of the opposition.

Take Prisoner – If at the end of the game you have a non-peon model engaged with a model you choose at the start then you gain some VP, more if that model is not near any friendlies as well. Interesting choice as you only need to be engaged to have achieved it, no interactions etc. needed.

Spring the Trap – Like plant explosives but the markers are only aimed at the opponents leader. Certainly a tough one to get unless you are fast or the leader is a front line one.

Murder Protege – If you can kill the highest costed model then those shiny VP are yours.

Frame for Murder – Like Murder Protege but you pick one of your own models to come to a sticky end!!! More VP are available if it is the opponent leader that does the killing.

Power Ritual – Have a marker near table corners but you can only claim one within your own deployment. Again deployment type could make this one an interesting one.

So there you go, a lot of choices to be had and to be honest I was hoping to be more helpful, but all I can say about the schemes is you need to look at the crew you are running but also deployment type as your choices are dictated by this.
I do hope it has even been slightly helpful seeing the schemes and strategies laid out like this, it has helped me at least 😉
Keep your eyes peeled for more gremlin based posts in the future as I get M2E down more.


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