This is going to be the last Beared-itorial before Christmas and probably till the new year (too drunk over the Christmas period 😉 )

Orks and Escalation

The dust has started to settle on the new expansions for 40K and I figured may as well join the voices on the internet about them….Well one of them anyway. We have all seen the devastation that D weapons can do and in particular the crazy stuff the Eldar Revenant can do see below battle report;

But what about the Ork Stompa? Well it is pretty decent for Orks so I am wondering if it will help orks be a touch more competitive up until the new codex comes out. Lets consider it comes with a lot of firepower which is great, it is a walker so can move pretty dam fast and can transport more boys than any other transport option. If it blows up it should take a decent chunk of well everything with it you, your opponent.

So better transport option, huge firepower potential (its ork so not reliable) and destroying it is still good really. Dont know about you but I can see this creeping into more games 😉 and who knows I may not get “oh bless orks” next time they land on the table.

Yes Tau/Eldar will still rip them a new one BUT they still need to concentrate on it hopefully leaving more stuff untouched, well thats the theory anyway. I just want to see my Orks in combat again rather than the dead pile 😉


I have finally got my rule book and cards WOOOOOO (thank you Outpost for trying so hard)! now to start planning some crews. Not sure yet if I am going to go down the route of Somer or Ophelia yet. Could be a painful choice.

Also make sure you catch an interesting article about Gremlin fluff in Malifaux HERE and read my rambling response at the bottom of the post..

Paint/hobby Corner

Work continues on Chaos Warriors they are very close to being done! I have also started painting Eldar, which is going to be fun I am sure 😉

Till the new year.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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