Tabletop Workshop Castle Reward Scheme

Some of you may remember the review I did of the Tabletop Workshop buildings HERE well they have a unique opportunity at the moment. For a FULL 28mm castle made of hard plastic.

Now this is a big outlay so close to Christmas so TW are doing some nice offers for per-order guys but rather than ramble on I will hand over to Dan to explain all.

Tabletop Workshop recently announced their cut price castle pre-order scheme. This massive piece of kit would be available 50% cheaper than retail price to those who pre-order it in 2013. The 28mm castle is a phenomenal piece of wargame scenery. As you now expect from us, it’ll be highly detailed inside and out. It will feature removable panels and lift-off sections to allow the placement of figures within. The castle gates will even open and close, and the portcullis on the gate house will move up and down. For every 25 castles sold, a new stretch goal will be added. Stretch goals include stairs, siege defence weapons, wall and tower hoardings, and the yet to be revealed Barracks and Armoury.

We appreciate that at this time of year, it may be difficult to pay for a massive kit like this in full. For this reason, we’ve announced details of a deposit scheme. As long as you’ve deposited £50 before the sale has ended, you’ll still be entitled to the same cut-price offer and can pay the rest when you like. All that we ask is that your castle is paid for in full by February 28th. We also have gift vouchers available so that you or friends and family can use them as part of the castle pre-order or on other items in our online store.

That’s not all. As a thank you to those who have paid for a castle in full before the new year, we’re offering a great three-tier reward scheme. Rewards will run up all the way to New Years Eve and the earlier you purchase, the better the reward. Those who’ve paid for their castle in full before midnight on the Wednesday 18th December will receive the fantastic Gold Reward. This exclusive offer will allow them 50% off ALL of their Tabletop Workshop purchases in 2014. Details of all our rewards can be found on our website. Of course, this is an addition to the massive discount you already get with the pre-order scheme and the amazing stretch goals you get free depending on sales. Merry Christmas!

Pre-order your castle at

Some nice ideas in all that, I am a huge fan of the idea of the company using the KS stretch goals within their OWN site rather than crowd sourcing in such manner, maybe we will see more companies do it as an expendable pre-order rather than just KSing.

Also SHINY castle 😉


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