Prime Axiom Review

So I have my hands on probably the oddest model PP have created in some time, a 3-legged floating HUGE robot….what is not to love ๐Ÿ˜€

The Box

The box is nice and shiny showing of the model in question. The packaging of the Axiom is like the other huge based models from PP is impressive as to get so much into the box is always impressive and slightly overwhelming if you are not expecting..

The Bits

Once we get all the bits out of the box (which takes some time), what do we get?

Some of it is standard the big ol’ 120mm base, stat cards, wreck marker and finally a handy instruction diagram.

As you can see there is much going on with this beast..

And when you compare it the mass of resin and metal well it is a scary scary model to consider putting together. weighing in at over 50 individual pieces, you heard me OVER 50 :O.

It is a lot to take in.

The Pieces

The actually finish is very nice on the model the resin PP use is so much better than their restic can be (See the CoC battlebox). Nice and clean plus with very little flash in general on most pieces.

The little orbs are great on the pelvis section.

The log of rock of Doooommmmm. I appreciate that they had to find a way to make it ‘hover’ but the rock in my opinion was the worst choice possible (surely). Especially with the nice swooping stems they have for the various servitors.

They only parts that caused some issue where the shoulder pads and legs as they had to deal with some ‘chunks’ of resin for removal


Fortunately they are no in terrible places but they are in slightly awkward places to get a knife. Needle files could have been handy..


The Build

Was pretty enjoyable if very extensive!! The majority is pretty easy to deal with. In fact I did very little pinning on this model the contact points are large and my super glue strong ๐Ÿ˜‰

Most of the load-bearing points are ok to deal with without for much concern.

That is to say apart from the arms, as you can see below the connection from shoulder to ‘hand’ is a small piece of metal, which in part has some pretty small connection area. These were pinned for that reason and for the most part it has done the job with no tumbling Jazz hands..

As mentioned I do not like the pile of rock..SO instead I have a different plan for my PA which involved drills and knife. Which gives me the hole I now have the bottom of him. As for the base you will have to wait and see. But for thoseย  wanting to go down a similar route the piece is hollow so is easy enough to get through without problem and will allow for a very sturdy finish if the hole is tight.


As always time for some lovely scale shots, in this case my Stormwall and also a plastic Centurion.

As you can see PA has a much bigger footprint compared to the SW and also heightwise there is not much between them. Even when you consider the base height I have on the SW

He really is a beast!


A great, great model as long as you ignore the rock pile….

Like the over Huge base models, he goes together pretty easily more so than some of the smaller models PP produces.

I would expect you are going to see this in a LOT of CoC builds as it is such a great model to have around for most of the warcasters.

You can pick up your own Prime Axoim from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150

For those intersted here is the PA overhang on the base (and sneak peak of my base).


7 comments on “Prime Axiom Review

    • The whole arm and shoulder could be magnetised to the body but would require big magnets.
      Torso to crotch also possible with a chunky pin and couple of magnets.

      As you can see I have gone for a rod instead of the rock I think you could go through bottom part into top torso as another possibility. So support from base through to the top really.

      Transport will need to just be pick and pluck to be honest.
      Other than the arm join I talked about it is pretty solid so should be ok to travel well.

      • My Stormwall went into a KR case. Only issue was the base was actually wider than the case. Something I did not notice until a minor bulge started to appear in the case but didn’t seem to damage it too badly.

        If the Axiom was on an equivalent flight stand I guess that removes that problem. If the rest will fit comfortably in a KR half case no need to magnetise.

        It does seem a lot wider than Stormwall though.

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