So the day after my first 40K tournament using this LIST, how did I do?

Well simply I did………………………………………………………………….

You will have to wait till I have recovered and have done a post about it 😛

No Nids but new expansions

So there are no new nids after all, well that was a confusing month..At least it is now clear we are getting the equivalent of FW  Lord of War FOC spot seen the Horus Heresy books.

It will be interesting to see if the 40K rules for apocalypse models differs at all, especially with Destroyer weapons around.

Also we are going to see more fortifications added to the game, will be very interesting to see if these all prove popular as gaming pieces rather than just terrain. But also answer the question of how many Tau/IG you can fit in a phone box…


So we have seen another delay for the M2E books which is a shame and one I am happy to deal with as end of the day if it is a lot more popular now that is a good thing.

What I did find a bit annoying was the spoiler that we will be seeing a rules manual for M2E as well (basically just the rules no fluff or model info/stats). I am glad we are seeing one as it makes games easier to deal with BUT not while you are struggling with back orders. Sorry to be a grump but that is how I see it.

I mean how am I suppose to decide on new shiny things if I don’t have the shiny book???

Stunning Archangel

Some of you may know I love the Archangel, OK it might work best for only certain warlocks BUT it is still a stunning model. Now made even more so by chewing on a mountain king!

To check out this whole amazing process check out HCO and the blog post by Saturated Phat LINK – Archangel Reigneth


Well now that NQ has landed I have to say Mr Raluk Moorclaw is a very interesting solo for my Cygnar.

For a small cost we get an average stated Trollkin but with assault and decent POW gun and P&S Axe he can be deemed average.

But on top of a decent Repair ability and also Meckanikally Adept which means he can repair out of faction Warjacks (so Stormclad can be kept ticking over).

All this means is I am liking the look of him as a second repair option to Strangeways. What further enhances him is the Jack Marshall and Drive: Hog Wild rule which means jacks under his command have a sort of mixed up assault rule.

He is looking very interesting, the only danger is getting more Mercs means it is a slippy slope into the pretend faction 😉

Paint/hobby Corner

Work continues on the first batch of Chaos warriors which are getting close to completion.

I have also started some of the Trencher Commandos for Cygnar as well just to keep me going.

Till next week.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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