Tabletop Workshop Terrain

The awesome chaps at TW have been very nice and sent me some of the new plastic buildings, I have to say impressions are very very high..


First up the homely cottage 😉 it comes in a solid cardboard box that fits everything in snuggly (Handy Hint: box is great for storage due to thickness).

Upon opening the box 2 things strike one there is no separate instructions instead on the inside of the lid we have a nice little CAD diagram of the building process, it is and looks pretty straight forward.

The second point is no excess plastic no sprue bits at all, just cottagey goodness.

Thirdly is the flash is all in places that are inoffensive and to some extent can be ignored. OK it is simple thing with all straight edges more or less but it is good to see a manufacturer thinking about these things.

All the parts are nicely detailed without going over the top (and no skulls). There is texture to walls and little pieces that stand out such as the set of shelves below.

The build was super easy a drop of plastic glue here and there and we were done. One thing to point out is that the whole process works on a locking mechanism, so if you so choose you can actually store flat and build it for every game.

The pieces are thick plastic and as such will stand up to a decent out of punishment (pretty hard to bend and flex). Although not sure if the paint job would stand up to that sort of punishment.

Altogether a fine piece of terrain for your games.


A 2 parter review as TW have been UBER nice and also sent a chapel to me. But forgive me I am going to be lazy, if you have read all of the above then my views also count for the chapel.

The fun to be had painting that window ala stained glass, could be really fun if I was any good at said painting.

Scale Shot

As always a scale shot to give people an idea of how things measure up and as you can see. For 2 big companies the buildings measure up well and will certainly fit well into any table for them and then some.


I have to say for the price I am pretty impressed with the amount of plastic you are getting. Plus you only need a few pieces to have a nice little hamlet set up on your table.

The conversion possibilities also add something to them, I can see the chapel very easily becoming a waterwheel station with a bit of work.

Overall great kits and well worth a look.


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