Soapy Bearbox – New GW Technical Paints

A quick question on Twitter got me a response from @AvantGarve and below is the result 🙂 Basically I wanted to know some first hand experience of the new paints that GW have just released. Mike was happy to do this and in record time, so here is the quickest Soapy Bearbox ever 😉

Disclaimer: I am by no means a ‘master’, nor event ‘great’ minis painter – I’ve only been doing this as a hobby for about the last couple of years, so I’m still (relatively) new to the hobby and am always trying to learn new things and improve where I can.

That said, one of the armies I’ve always wanted to try building was a rusted-as-hell Necron force, and the release of the new GW Special Effects paints has inspired me to finally take the plunge with them.

I’ve now tried Agrellan Earth, Typhus Corrosion, and Ryza Rust on a test Necron Warrior, with varying degrees of success.

Agrellan Earth – a little disappointing to be honest.  I must have put at least 3 ‘decent’ (in my opinion) coats of AE on a base I’d painted Calthan Brown, and while the cracked effect *did* work, it wasn’t quite as impressive as I’d expected.  I’m unsure if it’s a case of a bad batch of AE (I’ve read online that this has occurred to others), or if my expectations were too high, or if it’s a case of just getting used to using it.


As the cracking also started showing the white undercoat I’d applied to the base, I ended up applying a light wash with Seraphim Sepia and Ushabti Bone drybrush. I regretted this a bit at first, but the end result looks ok.  I’m hoping it’s just a case of ‘practice makes perfect’ with this, otherwise I’m still not 100% a fan.


Typhus Corrosion – as you may have read elsewhere, TC is similar to a wash, yet with some grit in it, and has been designed to work with Ryza Rust.  Definitely agree with all of these points.  I’d suggest *maybe* using it sparingly, as I *may* have gone a bit overboard with applying it to my Necron.  It definitely added a ‘decent’ dark corroded look to the silver body parts!  When I next use it, I’m going to keep some paper towels handy to try wiping away (downwards) excess for better effect.





Ryza Rust – Probably my favourite result at the end of the test, was seeing the RR being applied.  I just did a light drybrush over random parts, and was *very* pleased with the end result. Combined with TC, it really looks impressive. Interesting to note that it’s considered a ‘Dry’ Paint, but it’s got more liquid in it than the other GW Dry Paints.


So, I’d definitely recommend Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust as a combo – I got a great result in terms of getting a ‘rusted-as-hell’ Necron look I was going for – and if I can do it then better painters than I should be able to come up with some great effects.


I’m still on the fence about Agrellan Earth – I can only say it’s ‘Ok’, in that it does what it’s meant to, but will definitely require more practice to get better results.

Mike Garvey

Some interesting stuff hopefully I will be able to collar some other people to talk about the other paints as well.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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