The count down has started for my first 40 tournament down at The Outpost.

I am looking forward to it, you may have seen my list this week on the blog (LINK), it probably isn’t deemed overly ‘competitive’ but it is a list that I see as being fun to play (and against hopefully). I am expecting a completely different feel to the many Warmachine tournaments I have played, although I expect the outcome to be the same…I do mediocre to badly 😀

Really hoping to win one game out of three I am taking part in or even a draw…But the big thing for me is not to be tabled, I am not going to throw in the towel to stop it but I am not afraid to hide 😉

Due to timings there wont be much of an update in next weeks Beareditorial however I will be doing a little blog post about the event.

Wish me luck I will need it by the bucket load..

Casual VS Competition

An interesting article by the good doctor (loxely) on his blog LINKY raised some interesting points on twitter earlier this week and I was told to stop waffling and start writing a post. So I am sticking it here so no-one can see my ramblings as much.

Basically for those too lazy to read the post, it questions whether the tweaks to M2E from M1.5 have made it lose some of the character/story telling aspects of the game into a tournament ready rule set and caused a shift in the eyes of playing public. As there is perceived shift in what blogs and podcasts are covering. I don’t know if this is true or not as I don’t think that much 😉 but I do want to lay down what I said in reply to this and maybe expand a little.

First I would like to say that I swing both ways…….For instance the like of Freebooters Fate WFB/40K are my more casual games, while WM/H is the game I play with possible tournaments in mind. I enjoy both ways but I do agree a more tournament led ruleset like WM/H has seen even my casual games turn into more relaxed list testing for tournaments. Is this a bad thing? No but then in my experience WM/H was always aimed at the tournament player anyway.

I do enjoy just throwing together an army and seeing what happens but it is always in the back of my head what would I do to make it tournament ready (tier lists being a prime example of this).

While for the GW stuff I am much more likey to add my own spin and go down the more characterful route and not bother about optimal builds, as you have probably noticed from my list for the tournament this week ;).

Now M1.5 I was very much burned by the crazy things that could happen from Pandora in general to a body part heavy McMourning. Truth be told I was but off playing as games just were not enjoyable, for me personally.

This was perhaps part of its success the all-conquering builds and I hate to say it put the power-gaming, but I believe this is something we can see a lot of in rulesets that count character over rules a little. In which some builds/armies can wipe the board with others without much trying (Tau against orks for instance, oh how I hate Tau) and this was true for both M1.5 (in my opinion) and also GW games.

Now both have tried to combat this in some way, GW seem to have controlled the codex-creep issue in the newer books they are releasing while Wyrd went to a new edition. The question is, is this stream-lining which results in easier to run tournaments mean that people have moved into a more competitive mindset for the games? Perhaps but as tournaments become more attractive people look to finding the optimum balance within a list (all-comers list if you will) with the odd edge case list out there eThagrosh with 10 thousand shredders, Tau in general etc..

For me in general a game with preset characters WM/M2E there is less (perceived) freedom with these characters for story telling on the gaming table, as most of the story has already been told. So perhaps there is a bit of a disconnect with the player once the game begins (connections in the fluff always exist, I love the interactions between Nemo and Stryker in Cygnar story arcs but don’t feel compelled to work this on the table).

This on top of tight rules leads to less casual feel and so natural bend towards competition games.

Whereas the more flexible characters (how many SM chapters can Lysander work for?) and the push to write your own story with your own characters means a more relaxed feeling..”RAWR my Daemon Prince K’oughalots is so going to wipe the floor with you” just seems to naturally bend towards casual.

So after all that waffle back to the question has Malifaux from M1.5 to M2E changed from a characterful game to a tournament game? I have to say I reserve judgement (see below) however from what I have heard, I do think Wyrd may have pulled off a great job and settled themselves neatly between the tournament ruleset of WM/H and the more casual gaming of GW. I suppose it will be the community themselves that will tip it one way or the other!


After all that I have to say the urge to get playing has risen. Alas I am just waiting on the rulebook now, oh why did it have to be popular, I blame the Malifools dubious lot them you know..


Is coming along nicely I have an exciting review to get finished about a certain floating giant and it is nearly time for the Reciprocators to land which is very exciting although must resist the urge to paint them like a popular character in a video game 😀

Paint/hobby Corner

The Siege Anithranx is done so keep your eyes open for model when I eventually get pictures up of it :S SO MUCH YELLOW 😀

With the mojo back I am cracking on with the first batch of Chaos warriors as well, which are starting to look pretty nice. If I do say so myself.

What is next  on the table I am unsure as I really want to paint some more Cygnar but I have a lot of Eldar to start as well….choices choices.

Till next week.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


2 comments on “Beared-itorial

  1. I don’t think malifaux has lost its story telling feel…Hell I think it is more storytelling now. an I am about as far from a competitive gamer you can get.

    • I was trying to say that, the story is still there but it is less needed during games.
      For instance eHaley and 2 stormwalls is popular. But would Nemo trust her in her current state with 2 precious SW?
      Does that make anymore sense? The need to be optimum/competitive overrules the rule of cool/story.

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