Microart Bases Review

Another huge thanks to Micro Art studios (press the button for link to website), for again allowing me to review some of their products after I got to play with a defence line ๐Ÿ™‚

So for the bulk of this I will be looking at their Wraithstone range… All the pieces come in these nice litter blisters which are nice (its packaging you should be lucky I got a picture before I rip into the shiny ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

I received a nice selection of bases of different sizes and I have to say the quality is top top notch, the finish is spectacular!

As you can see even up this close the bases are clean, crisp and very well done. They would fit into any sci-fi gaming system really well without any issues, from Eldar to Retribution to Infinity.

Now I have to mention the large oval base it is very nice and also solid resin, this will do some damage to someone if in the wrong hands! but anything you place on here is going to be very sturdy and also look awesome.

Basically if you want some Sci-fi looking bases you will not go wrong with the Wraithstone bases…

Moving on I was also sent some nice little extras in these temple like bases and the level of detail for a base is amazing.

I mean look at the rose and thorns in the middle section…its just just silly to have this on a base!! Not complaining but WOW!

Now completely off topic MAS also do some nice little hull point tokens which I have to say are pretty nice, although you don’t get enough for wave serpent spam lists ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overall – I have seen many different resin bases in my time and all of them appeal to me from the ‘budget end’ to the more expensive ones. Love me a bit of resin base ๐Ÿ™‚

But I have to say MAS are leading the way with the details they are striving to create, you will not be disappointed.


3 comments on “Microart Bases Review

  1. I’ve been looking at their stuff for a while now, and have to say I’m really impressed. Not sure I’d use them for my DA army, as I’ve kept them to a tabletop standard, but if I was painting something special, I’d use these.

  2. Hi,

    great review.
    I love the Micro Art Basis.
    I have used them for almost all my minis for a couple of years now. They are beautiful, make my minis shine, they do not take any effort excpet for painting and are quite affordable.


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