Ork Speed Freaks List (1st Tournament)

End of this month I will be going to my first ever 40k tournament down at blog Sponsors The Outpost and I have to say I am looking forward to it.

Having had some great fun at Warmahordes tournaments up in LeedsWarmachine I figured it would be good to a) try a new system and b) a new environment. Something this ticks both boxes for πŸ™‚

The tournament is 3 scenarios all at 1750 points, well I had to take my Orks who I enjoy playing the most despite so much Shooty Tau out there 😦 and then the type of list to save on painting anything new and actually practice I had to go Speed Freaks πŸ˜€ so below is my list it can’t be changed now as I have sent it through. Hopefully it can do alright;

HQ – Ork Warboss on Bike (PK, Boss pole and Cyborg Body)

Elites – 8x Lootas; 8x Lootas

Troops – 6x Biker Nobz 2 with PK, Painboy with Grot orderly; 4x Trukk Boy units (12 boys each with Nob – PK, boss pole)

FA – Deffkopta with TL-RL; Deffkopta with TL-RL; 19x Stormboyz with Zagstruk

So what is my game plan pretty simple really apply ork boys to whoever I am facing πŸ˜€Β  but really these are my ideas.

Lootas are there as some long-range distractions and also my anti-air in this list (going for volume of shots over anything else) as rolling 6s or 5/6s is not a huge difference.

The deffkoptas will either outflank or scout depending on the army and how much interceptor is about, But they are a bit of anti-tank that can also just be a pain for people to deal with (who wants rokkits flying at them on a mobile platform).

Stormboyz have to deep strike which is fine as they can still assault and the unit should be big enough to deal the shooting. Maybe not the best choice but I love the idea of Zagstruk him may come off, he may not be fun anyway.

The Warboss and his nobs on bikes are there to be a hug distraction that is actually pretty hard to remove what with cover saves (if they are not removed) reasonable save and feel no pain. All on top of high toughness and plenty of wounds a fun combination that will also hit pretty hard if they survive.

The Trukk boys are for knocking heads and grabbing objectives, or with my luck dying in their 10s :(.

So overall army tactics I am going for is hug the cover (line of sight blocking hopefully) and aim to get my boys for a turn 2 charge turn 3 at the latest. While my nobs and warboss try to go for a juicy target or just become general pains.

Lootas and deffkoptas shoot at anything they can, while Zagstruk turns up in time and in a sensible place πŸ™‚

Well thats the plan anyway……

Keep your eyes out for a post-tournament run down on how I fared.


4 comments on “Ork Speed Freaks List (1st Tournament)

  1. Seems like a ok list. Because of your speed you can easily re deploy. Remember to attack from the sides against the shootey armies . I know its too late to change but Zagstruck is alot of wasted points that could be better served in getting you more nob bikers and better gear ( personaly i find a waaagh banner the best 15 points to spend as hitting on 3’s is great and it also means that the heavy hitters hit on 4’s.). In addition i find that loota’s are great against flyers but you need another squad as hell turkey will kill your one squad the moment it comes on. I love my orks and been very successful
    with them.

    • Cheers for the comments.
      I had completely forgot about the Banner 😦 but now I have a new conversion project to do πŸ™‚
      I agree Zagstruk is bad really bad but I cant help but love the idea of him and one day he may come good (I live in hope).
      The lootas are in 2 squads my only worry is 8s do feel pretty small for the them but there was too much I wanted to get into the list…

      Looking forward to the tournament not expecting great things from the mountain of Eldar and Tau I will be facing but should be a laugh regardless.

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