Systema Gaming Scenery Review

I have been sent by the nice chaps at SystemA a piece of their scenery Base-O Habitat Unit 2.

Which as you will see is very nice but I urge you to check out the website (Click above) as they have some other great stuff out and also coming soon..

Lets begin, nothing too fancy with the packaging just shrink-wrapped up nicely. With a well presented picture, showing off the different finishes

Something which is a little unusual but that I actually like is all the assembly instructions are on their website rather than included. But honestly this kit is so easy to put together you can get by without any help (and this is me saying this!!!).

The kit comes with 3 A4 sized pieces of  MDF, with everything nicely ordered.

I have been impressed with the details that SGS have achieved for a decent price.

Removing the pieces from the frame is pretty easy although care is needed with the small bits as you would expect.

As I have mentioned the build is Very easy and all of it was knocked together in less than half an hour.

In my case I have left the roofs unglued and also the second story separate should I wish to go tall or have a bigger foot-print.


I have been impressed with this kit and will certainly be looking into some of their other designs. As the competition around MDF/HDF terrain pieces gets hotter and hotter I have to say that SGS will not disappoint even with the lag time from Eastern Europe!

Now off you go to the website 😀


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