Been a longggg week this week but we got here in the end πŸ™‚

I appear to have got my painting groove back a little this week. But let me tell you I have learnt a valuable lesson! Dont agree to paint someone elses army that is the same as one you have just done a batch off, even if it is different colours.

Having finished my Legion for the Breast Cancer Brawl in Leeds, I agreed to paint the Brother-in-laws legion almost straight after.

Even though the colours are very different painting a total of (this isn’t the final list I am having a break) 2 pThaggys, Abbby, 2 pLylyths, eLylyth, 2 Carniveans, 2 Scytheans, 3 Ravagores, 5 lesser beasts, Typhoon, 3 Forsaken, nephilim protector and a helion I am done for at least a few months o_O

LEGO Movie

It aint wargaming but I don’t care I need this film NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please πŸ˜€

Freebooters Fate App

A little out of the blue for me (I know bad bear) but the games over at Freebooter have created an App for the game similar in fact to what PP have done for War Room. You can download the cards for the whole faction etc. With a roster builder also included.

I have to say after playing around with it for a while I am impressed it is a nice easy to use clean interface which seems to operate quicker than WR. Perhaps this is due to the size of the armies involved I am unsure but a very handy app for anyone who plays Freebooters Fate.

(p.s. expect a review of the latest book soon πŸ˜‰ )


Rumours are abound that Finecast is on its way out, I have mixed feelings about this really, let me explain by looking at each material in turn:

I do like the detail achievable by metal BUT I hate working with metal always have in fact the only thing worse than metal for me was the old upgrade kits GW did with plastic and metal pieces *shudder*

Plastics, I love if I can I always try to make an army completely out of plastic not just from a workable platform but also a cost platform.

Resin, is ok in my mind for unique pieces something that is a one-off so I am ok in sometimes paying the higher prices. The contemptor dreadnought from FW for instance is one of my favourites! Even the better value stuff is amazing looking at you Dystopian wars

Resitcs, are for my mind interesting, as the offer a lot of what plastics do but with a little more durability (for me). The problem becomes with clean up (some of the PP kits are scary) and sometimes just generally working with it. I do think they have a place but I think companies need more time with it.

Finecast, I will say it is an OK material it is as easy to work with as plastic but also has the detail of metal (sometimes more). The problem is the QA/QC work done on it has let it down significantly and it is the black eye it hasn’t recovered from.

So do I prefer Finecast over metal hell yes, do I prefer it over plastics dear god no especially with the new advances (GW and Wyrd). So what does the future hold for GW and their idea of certain models in a different material?

I really believe we will see the FW technology used on characters in the not to distant future especially as GW will need to help the FW department with the Horus Heresy work load! I say this as I hope not all character models go into plastic just because of the cost of that new SM librarian :O

Paint/hobby Corner

So what have I been painting this week then? Well I have started fully on the Siege Anithranx model, I do love it but boy will it be very Yellow πŸ˜€

I also have the first batch of Chaos warriors on the go as well, because well………..I have issues and can’t paint just one thing!

Till next week.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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