Republique of France Attack Flotilla

What’s in the box review for Dystopian Wars RoF Attack (Surely it should be surrender not attack ;)-doc) Flotilla.

As I am in the process of expanding my RoF fleet you can imagine how keen I was to get this set on the table. I really wanted a skimming battleship but have been putting off getting the MK1 Magenta (not sure why), as soon as I saw this just had to get them.

Not only that but you have the small assault craft which I felt were so good in the Australian set and the cruisers look so much better than the current armoured version. So it’s win win all round then at least IMO.


So what’s in the box :- you get 1 La Rochelle Class Battleship, 2 Cherbourg Class Battlecruisers, 4 Requin Class Assault Corvettes, 4 Tiny Flyer Tokens and A5 Stats Booklet.




As you can see I am a bit ahead of myself having assembled the cruisers already. Very little cleaning up required and the usual detail you expect with DW. The ships look awesome and I am hoping will prove to be as good when they set sail with the fleet.

The experimental Heat Lance on the Battleship is range band 4 and at range 1/2 you get x1D3 ! You also have a Sautiller Generator which allows one friendly skimmer squadron within 24″ to be at flying height (yes the height of your flyers !) during their next activation. You also get the option of Commodore Jean-Claude Geroux and he has some very good abilities which I will not list here but are well worth the 20 Pts cost. The only small chink in its armoury is the low CR at just 10 and HP of 8 making it a little easier to destroy.

The Cherbourg Cruisers are in most respects the same as the Toulon except for one major point, they have 3 Heat Lancettes to the Toulons 1. The Corvettes are pure assault craft fast with an AP of 2 giving a potential 8 assault points in attack. All of the ships are Limited Availability though. This truly is an awesome little Flotilla with some real hard-hitting power.

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