Wraithstone Defence Line

Well thanks to Micro Art studios (press the button for link to website), I have in my hands one of their great little Wraithstone defence line sets. For use in your sci-fi games as a fence or to use as cover….

Anyway it arrives in a very nice little baggy full of hard resin and blue plastic.

The blue plastic is obviously the wall sections and I have to say they look very nice (giving off the idea of a force field instead of a brick & mortar wall). The smaller sections have an ever so slightly bend in them so when a couple are placed together you can generate a curve.

The connecting sections are very nice with no mold lines present at all (OK it is a simple design but no lines is always good in my book). While the support stands are also pretty well done (although more prone to flash due to how they are with all the sticky out bits).

What is a nice touch is that the inverted U on the plastic sections fits perfectly with the support stand so once complete the lines appear to be coming from the stand and arching out to the connection pieces.

As you can see for the finished pieces they are incredibly sturdy as there was no glue/blue tac/sellotape used in the making of this photo.

Interesting I notice in my kit, I notice that the colour of the resin was different between some pieces, not being privy to the inner workings of resin casting I will assume that it is just a different batch of the same stuff. As I couldn’t see any notable differences and the strength/feel of it was the same, so I would say nothing to be concerned about.

(EDIT: check out a response to my concern straight from the horses mouth 🙂 all is A-OK)


A great little kit for anyone who wants to add a defence position in their games as this could work in any sci-fi game.


8 comments on “Wraithstone Defence Line

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  2. The resin colour differs because Micro Art Studio is using pigment to add colour to the resin. This way it’s easier to see detail, because original resin is transparent yellow. The pigment is not changing the chemical properties of the cast. They are using the same resin in all their products.

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