Prussians Reach New Heights

What’s in the box review for Dystopian Legions Prussian Luftlancers (say that relaly fast 10 times – doc).


Inside the box you get five 40mm bases, one activation card and one game card (Flight of the Valkyries). The game card allows a charge move of up to 18″ which will help your Lancers get up close and personal very quickly !


You also get four Lancers plus one Lancer sergeant and five smoke plumes. As we have come to expect these are nice clean metal figures not too much trimming required although some of that trimming is very awkward behind the legs. Plenty of detail, the action poses will really help them to look good on the gaming table. A pet hate of mine with this type of figure is the fiddley assembly required to glue the arms in place but I am sure it will be worth it. Only slight niggle would be that a couple of the heat protecting cloaks are a little bit ‘clunky’ from the side view. The resin plumes are nicely done with again very little trimming required.


A close up of some of the figures (apologies for picture quality) just so you can see a bit more detailing and the ‘clunky’ side view of the cloak on the model second from right.


How are they going to play ? First let me say i am not getting enough ‘play time’ at club with Legions, I really need to get more testing of new units in play done.

Having said that the first thing about these guys is that they are only range band 1 so close up is the only way to go. In melee you will get 16 red dice so long as the unit is still intact, they have Swift Strike as well which means they strike first in the first round of melee. If using ranged attack you only get 11 red dice, I say ‘only’ but 11 red dice can still do a lot of damage. They do have the ability to damage ironclads with the Lancers getting 2 red dice each but they still have to get very close which is not always a good thing with some ironclads! If you are a Prussian player I don’t think you can resist this new unit.

To read Marks other reviews click on the link (doc) HERE


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