Eldar Wraithknight Review

After looking at the older kit of the Ork Bomba a while a go it is now time to look at a brand new (ish) model from GW in the shape of the frankly massive Warithknight.

The Box

This is one of the new types of boxes for GW, what this means is it looks very nice and very professional looking. On top of this we also have a very small box which means there is no wasted space like older boxes. Everything is very snug in there, which fits the new direction of the sprues which hardly have any empty space.

Generally pretty nice and a big step forward from GW.

The Sprues

Stuffed! The only thing busier than these are the Dark Vengeance sprues. Everything is as expected for a plastic GW kit. It’s all very nicely molded with some great details.

Now I have to mention the Sword, it is bloody huge!!! The model is going to be big we know that but this thing is really really over-compensating. More so than the dreadknight šŸ˜‰

The Instructions

Really nice instructions using the CAD-feel pictures that lead you through the build process..

Now you get everything in the box for all the possible builds that you can make for the Wraithknight. Including the should guns. What this means is we can have fun with magnets…

The Build

I did it again šŸ˜¦ I got excited and ended up building it and forgetting to take pictures….

On the plus side I have completely magnetised the Wraithknight to completely cover all possibilities but more on that later.

The build was pretty simple really however there is a lot of possibilities with the build if you choose to as the legs are pretty moveable into different stances should you wish. Although I would suggest you plan carefully as getting the legs just right can be very unforgiving.

Generally the kit goes together very easily and with the fact there are 4 arms in the kit and all the possible upgrades. This kit wants to be magnetised, now you don’t need to go over the top in fact clever pinning can give you the same effect as magnets do.

Obviously the arms are done to ensure I can get all the builds I want (6x3mm magnets). While the right gun arm is magnetised to allow swapping between the wraith cannon and sun cannon (2 together 1x2mm magnets).

The should mounts are also magnetised allowing me to have additional heavy weapon choices (read: scatter lasers) (3×2 magnets).

The torso was magnetised for 2 reasons painting the model but also transport as he fits into a much smaller area when not complete (6x3mm magnets)!!

Finally the head has been done again for painting mainly but also to add a little poseability to the model (3x2mm magnets).

The reason that the arms have the same size/strength magnets as the torso is to allow a good holding position for the guns allowing for them not to be too droopy..

Generally an easy kit to put together and also to magentise which in the long run is very helpful šŸ™‚

The Finished Model

The finished model in its basic set up.

Scale Shot

Now usually I have my trusty Ork you show the size difference, well for this one I have stepped it up slightly.


A very nice kit which thanks to how GW do plastic kits these days you get everything you need inside which is great. Visually it is stunning and would look amazing on the battlefield (is it too big for 40K I will let you decide). It also helps it is a beast in the game as well as to look at šŸ˜€

You can pick up your own mighty Wraithknight from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150


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