Codex Eldar Review

Welcome to a review of the latest Codex for Eldar, now I admit I have not really dealt with one of the new 40k codices in hardback. Yes, I have WFB army books and also digital codices but not really dealt with a hard copy till now so a new experience all round really. So I am going to treat this in a similar fashion to how I deal with rulebooks just less rules heavy more oooo shiny pictures 😉


Nothing ground breaking from GW here, still follows the back story (fluff), time-line, individual unit background and stats/rules, weapon/pysker rules, pretty pictures and finally Force Organisation and costs.

What is new is the fold out summary page at the back, with all the stats for units and weapons as well as other handy titbits. Now I have heard in older 6th ed codices (looking at you Chaos Space Marines) this gets battered pretty quickly. However I can report that the Eldar one appears to be holding up much better.

Moving onto the actual physical book it is well put together and feels pretty sturdy thanks to the hardback cover but on the flip side I am worried that it will suffer from use, however after a quick poke around the binding appears to be pretty reasonable and surprising it is bound with ‘string’ rather than just glue.

The pages are all of a high quality and to be honest with a lot of price increases GW are famed for I can actually see/feel the reason for at least most of the increase (which is at least comforting).

Obviously the big change is the move to full colour which is a welcome one indeed.


The artwork is nice although there is a split between old and new artwork (would have perhaps liked more new) at almost 50/50 split by my reckoning, Ididn’t have older books to hand so based on memory.

It is easy to see the difference between them as the newer artwork has a darker feel to it, which I kind of dig for a race that is doooooooooomed.


The fluff hasn’t moved on terribly from previous books, but it is still a decent read for any new or old in the hobby. What I did find interesting is that there is more mention about the fight with the Necrons, which makes sense. However if my memory is working they had never previously been much a of a link.

Alongside this the fluff around the Wraithknight being a piloted by twins one of which is dead. This is a clever way of having them introduced and helps mirror the idea that there is sadness and loss in an already doomed race. Actually makes them more believable..


Not a great deal of new models for the eldar, which is a shame as I would have loved some updated aspect warriors although suppose plastic ones would have been pushing it. That and newer jetbikes the current kit is older than me!!

We do see the wraiths get all the love though with the new guard and knight (more on that soon 😉 ). Which is no surprise based on the supplement we have already seen. As for the pictures pretty standard fair nothing that makes me go wow.

As a side point this section is where digital codices really win as you can zoom and get 360 views of the models.


As a product the Eldar Codex is pretty nice (ignoring the rules etc.) just as a book GW continue to generate great looking quality products, I am not going to argue the price is a little high BUT at least it has gone up in quality over the older soft-backs.

You can pick up your own Eldar codex from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150


2 comments on “Codex Eldar Review

  1. Perhaps it’s because I’m an old grognard who remembers when the jetbikes were new, but the £30 cost of the hardback books is an unbreakable barrier for me.

    It’s not that I mind paying that much for a high quality book. Not too long ago I paid £25 for a gorgeous hardback edition of Seven Jules Verne novels.

    The thing is, some years down the line, this Eldar Codex will be replaced with a new version, and the old version will be obselete. So I would have to replace it. Replacing it every now and again is not so bad when it costs £10-15, but for £30 I’m done.

    Unfortunately, that also hurts my interest in the models. I’ve considered adding a Dakkajet to my Orks, but the sure knowledge that a new Ork Codex is on the horizon, and that I don’t want to buy it, puts me off.

    • I agree that it is getting to tipping point with cost to lifetime ratio of the books and perhaps that is why so many people are moving to other systems.
      Both PP and wyrd use stat cards which in theory can keep costs down for players. But I think we are seeing a general trend of increase in costs its just that GW are at the front of these changes.
      Which you would hope they could absorb it but they seem to lead the change.

      I am not going to condone/abuse GW for they pricing or even some of the jerking moves they are making but it does sit at the back of my head when making my monthly purchases.

      P.S. So glad my orks are nicely rounded out so I don’t have any urge to add to them (that and I can scratch build a lot 😀 )

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