I survived another Breast Cancer Brawl and because of numbers that was actually my first time playing 5 games in a day :O

In the end I came up with a result of 2-3 which isn’t bad about average for myself (19th overall (28) with 3rd place Legion (6)), for those interested you can see what I ran for each list here for pThagrosh and here for eLylyth.

I did feel I was against the tide as the PG running it was mean as he wanted me to lose every game due simply asking to be the bye if odd numbers where present….A simple request I feel 😉

But on the upside I did win the Round 3 most generous giver so picked up a blister of CoC Servitors so sliver lining and all that..

Anyway for those interested here is a small selection of pictures  HERE

Tournament Rundown

So what did I come up against and what resulted in me being bad 🙂

Round 1 – eLylyth vs Siege, well played by my opponent although I managed to take his heavy off the board turn one.  With some bad moves by myself and having to deal with those horrible ARM21 Tough Dwarfs it was still going to be erm….tough. But when Lylyth misses when under Pin Cushion and Boost you know it is going to be rough.

Round 2 – pThaggy vs eHexeris – Touch one for my opponent who suffered the same dice rolling I did in the previous game. When a Bronzeback and Gladiator tag team an Archangel and still cant get the job done it has been some horrible dice.

Round 3 – pThaggy vs pButcher – A tier 4 butcher list I have never seen before today and my was it an experience. I was battered from pillar to post but I almost pulled of a hail mary win! Managed to get a bead on war dog for mutagenesis to put me in reach contact of butcher but have using all my fury he still had 3 boxes left and that is all she wrote.

Round 4 – pThaggy vs pKreoss – A tough one this as he had me running scared from some flanking Errants. But in the end a lazy Choir member let the Archangel get into combat with Kreoss! No-one lost anything else in the game as I failed to hit the charged choir member…..(I admit I felt dirty)

Round 5 – eLylyth vs Saeryn – Always going to be tough this one as there was a wall which Saeryn could hide behind so at DEF 23 that was going to be hard to deal with.  Again mistakes made with moving a unit then not actually shooting with them (DOH!!!) and Lylyth still not being able to hit sort of summed my day up with her.

So interestingly the results flew in the face of my practice sessions as Thaggy did OK but eLylyth was brutal. But at the tournament she (more like me) let me down while Thaggy got my wins and nearly stole the win against the Butcher. Bit then he is one of my favourite models in the legion range (Archangel winning obviously). But after a some chats with various people about my ability to be average at tournaments despite playing a different faction every time, I have come to a realisation;

Stick to one faction

This has been reinforced by the fact my mate won the tournament after sticking with one faction for a period of time. As you know I have many fingers and thumbs in many different systems (magpie? me? no you are mistaken!).

Which Is fine really variation is good and also a huge part of what I enjoy in the hobby. However it is causing me to perhaps not perform as maybe I should, ok the lists I took yesterday were not optimal and maybe a bit tongue in cheek. But I have yet to gain a better win ratio than 2-3/2-2 so perhaps I need to be more strict with myself and stick with one faction for the foreseeable future.

What this actually means is Cygnar or Skorne (both legion, which is not really rounded enough and CoC which is currently just battlebox). So I am going to go hide and make a decision on which one to go with and if I need some small bits to round out.

Then comes the problems of Warcaster/Warlock choice but that is a discussion for another time 😉

Paint/hobby Corner

I have mainly been working on my scratch built battle wagon, which is nearly finished after something like 18 months of inactivity 😀

That also means I can begin on my converted painboy on warbike which should be fun…Especially with the idea of a a grot orderly as a magnetised extra.

As always any suggests/comments welcome and if you want me to cover anything let me know, as always see you hopefully next week.

outpost 150x150

Also don’t forget to Visit the Outpost, our friendly Yorkshire-based (don’t hold that against them) gaming centre sponsors.


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