First steps into Damnation

Sooooooo I may have done some swapping shenanigans and got myself some servants of Chaos for my Ogres who I have fallen out with (The problems of Hobby ADD).

With what I have received from my cohort (Hi Keith) in swapping models is a decent backbone to progress in a couple of ways. But for now I am going with a list of what I have and here it comes.


Daemon Prince with Chaos Armour, Flight, Level 3 wizard, Mark of Tzeentch and Flaming Breath


Sorcerer level 2 and Dispel Scroll


Chaos Chariot

5x Warhounds with Vanguard

5x Warhounds with Vanguard

20x Warriors with Full command, Shields and Mark of Tzeentch

18x Warriors with Full command, additional HW and Mark of Khorne


5x Chaos Knights with Full Command and enscrolled weapons



Lands nicely on 1999 points so not too bad as a base. Bare in mind this is more or less everything I have to my name, so tweaks to numbers may need to wait. But any advice and direction going forward is most welcome.

Now to wait for 9th edition and full ally rules and supplements so I can have fun with my daemons at the same time…


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