Ork Bomba Review

Welcome to something never before attempted on the blog! A review of a GW model (and a plastic kit no less). Lets go through this sensibly (as we can for a Ork) kit.

The Box

Standard GW fair, with nice photos random fluff on the back. What did surprise me is how much wasted space is on the inside of the box. You could get 2 kits into one box without much squeezing needed I reckon.

The Sprues

Stuffed! So many things it will make any Ork player happy mainly as they can make 3 different planes with means oodles of guns and bombs 😀

As you expect from the leaders in plastic wargaming kits the sprues are very well done and the detailing crisp and unorky.

What I do like is the number of screens you get in the kit again more than you need so more fun to be had with other kits 😀

The Instructions

Really nice instructions using the CAD-feel pictures that lead you through the build process..

Now I am going to try to build a dakkajet by following the instruction by the letter, see you on the other side.

Please note I did try to make the top one….

The Build

Yeah…….erm, 2 things. 1) I was going to take loads of photos but I got carried away which takes me to 2) I didn’t exactly follow the instructions. Above you can see the generic Dakkajet from the instructions, below is my attempt.

I couldn’t help myself it is just such a fun kit for anyone to build never mind someone who is just thinking MOAR DAKKA DAKKA!!!!!!

Apart from that it goes together in an evening of glueing (say 1-2 hours) and unlike some kits I have done in the past no gaps or trimming needed. It is as close to plug and play modelling as you can get, which gives more time for converting 😀

The Finished Model


A great kit for any Ork player (even if some of the plane types or not the best choice in an already blotted Fast Attack section), and after my experience with other flyer kits so far this stands heads and shoulders above the rest..

As mentioned you get the bits for 3 planes the left overs are mighty impressive 🙂

Anyone who has not picked up a plane or 2 for their Orks you really need to even for the extra bits 😉 I have my eye on those big bombs as Jetpacks for a Grotau riptide I am considering….

You can pick up your own Bomba from The Outpost with 10% off RRP HERE

outpost 150x150


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