October Events at the Outpost

outpost 150x150

The upcoming events at the Outpost this month are heavy on the Warmachine/Hordes flavour but they do have a Dystopian Wars event as well.

Dystopian Wars – Hard Pounding 5 – 13th

A series of 3 games held at The Outpost using naval core forces, the first two games will use 750 point lists and the third is 1000 points.

LINK to sign up.

Warmahordes – Foothold – 19th

35pts Steamroller event (2 lists). This event is designed for players who aren’t regular tournament attendees or looking to enter their first competitive event. Timings are more relaxed and no ‘pros’ are allowed. If you’re unsure whether you can / should enter please contact us.

LINK to sign up.

Warmahordes – Frontlines 3 – 26th

Welcome to Frontlines 3, a 50pts Steamroller event (2 lists, D&C) hosted by Outpost (conjunction with Sheffield Honour Guard). This is the Outpost’s flagship tournament of the year, 32 man intense 1 dayer that will push players to play hard and fast, just like they had a pair!

LINK to sign up.

Warmahordes – NW Steamroller Series (heat 8) – 27th

Players will need to bring 2x 50 points lists. Each list must be used at least once (divide and conquer).

LINK to sign up


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