40k Pyskers Week – Telepathy

Here we are the last one for the week, now its Telepathy

Psychic Shriek – Primaris Power – A 1 charge witchfire spell, an interesting spell and deadly against low Ld units as you roll 3 dice and minus the Ld and that is number of wounds dealt with no armour/cover saves. A pretty brutal spell even against good Ld if you roll well enough.

Dominate – A 1 charge malediction spell, another fun spell to put on low Ld units as they most pass a test each time they wish to do anything! I can see uses even for higher Ld units as having to take a possible 3 tests a turn the will fail one eventually.

Mental Fortitude – A 1 charge blessing spell, a great spell but usually only when you need it do you not have it 😉 allows a unit that is falling back automatically regroup and also gain fearless.

Puppet Master – A 1 charge focused witchfire spell, forces the target to shoot at its own forces, but not into its own unit.

Terrify – A 1 charge malediction spell, unit loses the Fearless and treats all enemy units as having the Fear rule

Invisibility – A 2 charge blessing spell, unit gains Shrouded and Stealth rules and if charging enemy cannot use Counter Assault and are WS1.

Hallucination – A 2 charge malediction spell, unit suffers a hallucinations…

Bugs! I hate bugs! – Unit is pinned unless they ignore it or are locked in close combat

Ermmm? – The unit cannot shoot, run declare charges or strike blows in close combat

You! You’re a Traitor! – Every model inflicts a single hit on his own unit, resolved at that models own strengths, but using the strength bonuses, AP values and special rules of their most powerful close combat weapons if they have any.

A fun discipline that really punishes low Ld stuff but can at the same time be really helpful for them. Mental Fortitude really pops out as a great spell to have regardless of the army. Same could be said for Invisibility until the dirty Tau appeared 😉 A nice set of powers that means tough choices of whether to take the primaris or not.


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