40k Pyskers Week – Telekinesis

Nearly there now 🙂 3 down time for the next one in the form of Telekinesis

Assail – Primaris Power – A 1 charge beam spell, which has a reasonable range and good strength but no AP. It also features the Strikedown rule which means they half their initiative and count as moving through difficult terrain (but not vehicles/monstrous creature are immune) regardless of if wounds are caused.

Crush – A 1 charge focused witchfire spell, which has a decent range, in which you roll 2 dice which equates to the number of hits and if you roll above a 10 it is auto-wounding/penetrating.

Gate of Infinity – A 1 charge blessing spell, which allows the psyker and his unit to move via deep strike up to 24″. Interesting spell which could be handy for late game objective grabs.

Objuration Mechanticum – A 1 charge malediction spell, has a decent range and the target must re-roll to hits and wound rolls of a six while vehicles are hit with a Haywire hit, especially as you do not roll on the actual mishap chart you just take wounds (all pysker on their own is fine).

Shockwave – A 1 charge nova spell, which is a low range, low strength random number of hits shot but does hand out pinning. Honestly I find this very meh!

Telekine Dome – A 1 charge blessing spell, friendly unit gains an invulnerable save against shooting attacks with every save deflecting the shot to an unengaged unit.

Vortex of Doom – A 1 charge witchfire spell, Short range blast melta shot, centres on psyker if failed Psychic test.

Out of the disciplines so far I have to say this one is the most meh! Yes the primaris is OK while Gate of Infinity is handy for late game grabs. The others don’t make me go wow like the others I have covered so far.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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