40k Pyskers Week – Pyromancy

So we have had Biomacy and Divination posts, today I will be moving onto the next discipline in the form of Pyromancy

Flame BreathPrimaris Power – A 1 charge witchfire spell, a template attack with a decent strength and reasonable AP but not enough to be marine killer. However the power also has the Soul Blaze special rule which means more hits are possible although only a small random amount.

Fiery Form – A 1 charge blessing spell, which grants the pysker a decent invulnerable save and a boost to strength (melee attacks also get the Soul Blaze rule)

Fire Shield – A 1 charge blessing spell, grants unit has a decent cover save from shooting. Although melta and soul blaze ignore it. Charge unit enemy suffers 2d6 str 4 at same time as hammer of wrath. Pretty nice spell with both offensive and defensive properties.

Inferno – A 1 charge witchfire spell, Very similar to Flame breath but with a better range and blast template (also ignores cover and had soul blaze). A tough choice between the 2 shooting attacks but for me Flame Breath probably takes it.

Spontaneous Combustion – A 1 charge focused witchfire spell, target model suffers a wound with no armour/cover saves allowed and generates a blast for more damage.

Sunburst – A 1 charge Nova spell, which is very short-range but can generate a lot of attacks (strength and AP as other shooting in discipline). While also ignoring cover and causing Blind (failed initiative test means WS AND BS reduced to one). Very nice spell especially before a charge.

Molten Beam – A 1 Beam spell, short-range range Meltagun basically. Great for the right scenario.

A very offensive discipline which you expect from something involving FIRE!!! To be honest I would be pretty happy with any of these spells. Although I think inferno will be swapped for Flame breath more than the other powers would be.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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