40k Pyskers Week – Biomacy

Following from previous posts a while a go based upon the Warhammer Lores of Magic. I have been enlisted by some daft people to do something similar with the 40k Pysker powers. So what does this all mean then?

Well simply I will go through each of the separate disciplines looking at what you can end up with, bear in mind this will be generic so I wont be considering armies and the type of pyskers using the powers. So today is all about the Biomancy.

SmitePrimaris Power – The signature power is 1 charge Witchfire spell, it has same strength as a Bolter but a much nicer AP :). While also having a high number of shots (assault type as well), shame about the range more would have been nice. Overall a decent Primaris power, especially if you havent bought you pysker a fancy gun.

Iron Arm – A 1 charge blessing spell, which grants extra strength and toughness to the pysker and they also gain Eternal Warrior rule. Can make any Pysker scary bumping them up to almost monstrous creature levels, also means they are going to be hard to shift.

Enfeeble– A 1 charge malediction spell, which reduces enemy Strength and Toughness by 1 and also makes them treat all terrain as difficult. This is great on any Assault based unit and has a decent range. In my head bolters IDing Eldar is pretty funny.

Endurance– A 1 charge blessing spell, a unit gains Feel no Pain, It will not Die and Relentless. Fantastic on objective holders but really you want it on a unit that is multi-wound because the additional role for returning wounds is very nice (ok you can’t rely on it but still awesome when it comes off)

Life Leech– A 1 charge Witchfire spell, very similar to Smite but with less attacks and more strength. Seems reasonable but I think I would take Smite over this all the time. Even with the returning wounds to the pysker for the unsaved wounds it causes, as most pyskers only have 2 wounds usually not a lot to stay alive with under any sort of effort from the opposition.

Warp Speed– A 1 charge blessing spell, that grants a random amount of Initiative and Attacks increase and also gains Fleet. A bit meh for me as the pyskers that are going to be anywhere near combat will generally be ok for Initiative (more attacks always welcome though) and Fleet doesn’t offer too much really.

Haemorrhage– A 1 charge Focused Witchfire spell, Target needs to pass a Toughness test with no cover/armour. If they fail and die then select another model close-by (friend or foe) and you keep going to a test is passed. Has huge potential against low T armies like IG and Eldar but a bit to hit and miss against Marines and the like.

Some interesting powers in Biomacy but I think the powers you will be using more often than not are Smite, Endurance and Enfeeble. Pysker only ones in Iron Arm and warp speed are perhaps only useful if you are aiming to create a pysker bullet. Life Leech is too similar to smite for me to consider it. While Haemorrhage will be opponent specific more so than the rest.


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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