Kromlech Review and Scratch Building

Welcome to a review and also the start of a series of post for a conversion related to this review (it will become clear I promise)

Anyway the very nice people at Kromlech (click the logo for the website) have sent me some pieces to review and they have stoked my desire to finally finish my scratch built battle wagon.. So away we go…

Panzer 38 Turret

First up is a turret to be used on a tank as its main armament, my example contains the Mega Gatling Cannon 😀 It comes in a nice little blister pack..

All the bits out of the blister and it is a simple build with not many parts

The resin feels robust and pretty much flash free, it fact the largest areas are those that have been trimmed in-house. Basically I had very little to which is a good thing!

As you can see the resin holds detail well and there are only a few places of not smooth finish however, you are only going to notice this in extremely close up and I am sure once paint on it will be fine.

The can again shows the quality that Kromlech have created with these sculpts and to be honest the tightness of the fit between the turret and gun I could have got away without the glue!

Rehrborg pattern small turret

Next up the Rehrborg turret, which very nicely comes with either a gun or rocket launcher.

Again very nice kit yet simple and the detail is crisp and no bad casting problems.

Vertod Pattern small turret

Next the more Orky Vertod which again comes with 2 different weapon choices (which is always nice).

Too be honest these kits are pretty straight forward with nothing too crazy going on from the sculptors and model makers. However they have still been executed well with very little dodgy casting. In fact the only really noticeable stuff is on the large turret and I am pretty sure you wont see that after painting!

So big thumbs up so far next part is something perhaps a bit more of a challenge with no straight edges….

Ork Tank Commander

So orks with a WWII feel to them, what is not too love? You get 3 Kommanders. Each slightly different but following the same theme.

Yes they are not direct fit into other companies Orks however they do look very good and very little flash or mold lines to consider. Kromlech certainly know what they are doing.


I am very pleased with these pieces and I would recommend anyone who fancies using so 3rd party parts that Kromlech should be one of your first visits as they are well costed and also produce high quality bits!!

Now for something COMPLETELY different

So with these pieces on my desk, I have suddenly had the urge to finish a conversion/scratch build I started over a year a go but stopped. So here is where I am currently after chopping up a Sherman Tank I got cheap at a model shop..

I admit it is a little big but actually fits well scale-wise next to a Land Raider…Even is the deff rolla is a bit mad..

Keep you eyes peeled as I aim to actually finish this monster 😀


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