Another week gone and more wargaming completed…….honest. But I do have huge massive enormous news.

outpost 150x150


You may have guessed by the logos on the blog now. That is right MMB is now a sponsored blog thanks to the guys at The Outpost in Sheffield. The guys have been very trusting and let me join up with them (the Fools MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!) sorry about that.

Anyway you will not be seeing any major changes to the blog just that some of the posts will be sponsored ones (like this one from now on), plus posts about the events you can enjoy at the Outpost. If you fancy learning more about them then click HERE for a little about them.

Tournament Preparation

So after trying my hand at a few Warmachine/Hordes tournaments and I am soon to have a crack a 40k one (funnily enough at our new sponsors – pure fluke by the way). I thought I would talk about Tournament preparation from not only what I have learnt but also valuable advice offered by others on Twitter and the like.

1) Settle on list(s) early – Decide who/what you want to use before the list submission date, allows for some practise.

2) Stick to your lists – Once decisions are made stick to them or only do little tweaks, full scale changes will hurt in the long run.

3) Pack the night before – Pack everything you are required to bring (set by Tournament Organise) and obviously your models. Dont forget glue for transit mishap!!!

4) Double check – Check you have everything before you set off..

5) Dont have a late one – This is for me maybe not for night owls! IF you are facing a full days gaming doing so on little sleep usually means you wont enjoy later games (or not care).

6) Deodorant – Do not be one of the gamers that creates a stink (literally), tournament gaming is stressful you will perspire!!

7) Glasses – I can suffer from eye strain if reading a lot during games etc. and end up with a headache, so dont forget glasses/hearing aids/Guide Dog/Coach/Rules Lawyer

8) Water / food – Make sure you eat be it local Greggs/Macdonalds (other heart attack inducing meals are available) or a packed lunch! But more importantly stay hydrated even if that means you  need 12 toilet breaks in the day.

9) Have fun – pointless going if you are going to sulk about a loss. Swear under your breath and add your opponent to the LIST and  learn something from it.

10) – I needed a number 10…….

Paint/hobby Corner

More Daemon painting plus some more Orky bits which revolve around a review I am doing (keeping your eyes peeled 😉

But for now just enjoy the retina destroying PINK!!!


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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