Charity 25 hours of Wargaming

So, Bear has graciously offered space here for me to come before you all, hat in hand. Wait, that’s not right, I don’t wear hats…

ANYWAYS. Basics! Who, What, When, Where, Why. And How. Sneaky, sneaky How.

Who – Me! Ryan, probably better known as @TheBlueHeretic to the Warmongers and Twitterfolk. Also @RobertEAllen3, and a few others from our gaming group!

What – Trying to raise money to help out Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals and Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

When – November 2nd into November 3rd!

Where – Right here in Maryland! My friend Robert lured me in this year, and we are gaming in his AMAZING Gaming Mecca!

Why – Do we need a Why? Kids with cancer. Enough reason for me.
However, more… Future wargamers, just waiting to get healthy and discover the wide worlds of tabletop war. First, they need to defeat a much more insidious foe!

How – Sneaky, sneaky How! You have seen all those charity events, right? “Sponsor me and I’ll run 20 miles!” “Sponsor me and I’ll jump into a frozen lake! (could you not do this one?-doc)” “Sponsor me and I’ll eat a hundred hotdogs!” Actually, I’m not so sure on that last one….

ANYWAYS, my turn! We are doing 25 hours of gaming. From butt-crack of early on the 2nd, to slightly less butt-crack of early on the 3rd. 25 hours of gaming, and we would love people to help sponsor our team. As little as a dollar, as much as, well, as much as you feel comfortable with.

The plan so far is plenty of Warhammer, 40k, WarmaHordes, other wargames that are available (and there are plenty available!), card games… and if things get too desperate, video games!

How, Part two! How do you help? Visit and sponsor us! 100% of the proceeds go to help the kids, and your contribution is tax-deductible. And then there is the warm fuzzy you will get from knowing you done good.

Doc – So come on people wargamers are always a charityable bunch go help the kids… oh and if you need more persuading here is a bigger link;



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