Soapy Bearbox Review – Butcher Unleashed

Like buses Soapy Bearbox guest posts appear one after the other!! This time it is an unboxing of the Butcher Unleashed kit! So a big thank you to Dominic (aka twitter chap and teethy one @Domonet) for taking the time to have a go.

Unboxing and Assembling Butcher Unleashed.


So glad that my Butcher is finally here.

Thankfully he arrived safe and sound, devoid of any crush damage in transit, and the customs fees weren’t bank breaking either (HMRC customs are a complete gamble – my fees were a full £10 less than someone else’s in the UK).


First things first, I got number 428. I have every intention of painting this onto my butcher somewhere, as well as maybe sponging it onto the diorama through a template (Bunker #428 maybe?).



Missing from the unboxing pics is the certificate of authenticity, as that stuck to the underside of the lid when I opened it up and got everything out. It can be seen at the end though with the pic of everything assembled.

I was assuming that the bunker would be made of the same hollow resin as large chunks of the colossals. I was partly correct… There is an element of it being hollow due the flat bottom isn’t actually flat and is a little concave due to a cavity and some warping, but its far too heavy to be fully hollow and it feels solid unlike the pieces of my Conquest. Detail wise, the bunker looks great, and will be seen on many a battlefield once I have trimmed the excess resin around the edge (photo’d) and painted it.


The Argus’s are very nicely sculpted and detailed, with the pieces fitting together rather nicely. Only a little bit of filing and flash removal needed. If I was a perfectionist, I might be tempted to fill in a couple of the joins with a little GS to smooth it out, but after its painted and shaded I doubt it will be too noticeable.

I haven’t glued the Argus’s to their bases yet so that they get an even coat of spray and I can paint their undersides easily, though I ended up removing the small lugs on the front paws of the Argus with the sandbag base as they just wouldn’t line up. That said, without the lugs in the way, the paws fit exactly where they need to…


Butcher himself came in many more parts than I was expecting. After cleaning the flash and obvious mould lines, some dry fitting helped to reveal the order of assembly (mainly sideskirts go on before the back/cloak as they get sandwiched between the two).

Everything else was pretty obvious thanks to a clear lug/socket system and the pieces fit very well. The only thing I had to look up on the YouTube video was the small skull that goes in front of the cygnar helmet, and the exact placement of his war horn (neither of these had a lug or socket to connect to). Fitting Butcher to his base was rather straight forward.

At first glance it seems that the lugs on his feet don’t match up with the sockets on the base, or that even his feet don’t quite match the angle of the base that he stands on, but with a bit of “back-and-forth”ing, I got a placement that looks good without either foot looking out of place. A nearby decimator helped prop him up in the right angle whilst the glue dried.


Finally, here are the pics of the finished trio stood on their diorama with the coin, art print and certificate to complete the set.

I will be sure to send DocBungle updated pics of the finished models once they are all painted (if you are lucky, maybe some in progress shots too…) – ooo promises made on the internet there readers 😀 -doc


Thanks again to Dom for this review, I am terrified already of the Butcher 😉


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