Britannia v Prussian EOTBS

Give a man an inch and he will take a whole blog post!! Mark stretches his legs into something other than reviews (doc)

Massive multi-player Dystopian Wars game at club this week. Had to write this one up as it was great fun.

Scenario was that the KOB had to get one of their two carriers as far as the Lighthouse to win. Fleet consisted of two carriers each with ten tiny flyers and two battleships all four had an escort attached of three ships each. In their way (well above them really) were two separate air fleets of Prussians, one to the left one to the right and an air fleet of EOTBS directly in front.

On turn three KOB had reinforcements arriving.



Turn1 the KOB predictably surged forward towards the lighthouse launching the first wings of fighter cover from their carriers and causing little damage to the enemy at medium to long range.

The two Prussian wings closed in opening fire on the escorts to try to make the main ships more vulnerable to their airforce, they also launched the first flights of bombers from their sky fortresses. The EOTBS held back making a barrier of weaponry between the KOB and the lighthouse.

Turn2 the chaos commenced ! The KOB were now much closer and starting to cause damage from aa (the main feature of the game was how effective the KOB escort ships were. Handfuls of dice were causing serious damage).

The second flights of tiny flyers were also launched. The Prussians were now even closer and were starting to weaken the hulls of the KOB ships, one escort went down. EOTBS started long range fire but did not cause any significant damage.

Turns3 and 4 close range devastation. The two fleets closed and some serious fire and damage ensued, the clash between the KOB left and Prussian right resulted in airships falling in flames into the sea the aa from the escorts proving its worth.

Taken by surprise the Prussians seemed unable to return fire effectively. The opposite flank saw a change in fortunes with most of the KOB escort ships being sunk and the carrier taking serious damage. The Prussian tiny flyers seemed invulnerable to incoming fire though the larger class bombers were becoming little more than flying hulks with the introduction of the KOB reinforcements, Sky Fortress and Eagle class flyers.

The EOTBS were now piling on the pain for the KOB but they were taking the damage and surviving.


Turn5 last turn madness. With no chance of reaching the lighthouse the KOB just went for it and after firing started assaulting everything in range despite the Prussian superior rating in combat.

In most cases this resulted in failure but they did manage to take one of the Prussian airships that was badly damaged ( before and after damage pics follow).

The Prussian / EOTBS returned the favour and captured one of the carriers but despite everything could not sink either of the battleships. The game ended due to time pressure with a scenario win to the Prussian EOTBS Alliance but even if it had been down to points I believe the result would have been the same. Great game and pics of the airship before and after damage follow.




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