Lylyth the tank engine

With the new possibilities now open for warcaster/warlock types (first cavalry and caster/lock attachments and now with units and battle engines being added).

Plus my newly acquired legion I figured I may as well look at what it is all about from their standpoint. In other words warlocks that can’t hide!

Now I’m a mere fledgling dragon lover so this is mainly opinion with a smattering of proxying fun thrown in. Although would love to hear off others who have also tried her out ๐Ÿ™‚

First some ramblingsโ€ฆ..

The artwork is awesome and I am really impressed with how well they have done translating the artwork to the model. I think the scythes are a bit over clunky and maybe a touch OTT but otherwise a stunning model. I am also surprised that she is an ALL metal model considering her size (Check out unboxing on LH forums).

Anyway moving onto how she is going to work on in the game!

HUGE base

First and most basic problem we have is that base!!!
In a world of 4×4 tables and the LoS rules; hiding that base is almost impossible so you either need a big building or 1+ other huge bases which is would take a good chunk of points up. It also means she is a lot more susceptible to stray/lucky AoEs.

Opponents will probably be able to guess your deployment as you are deploying your warlock before anything else ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The big thing for me is a lot can get in on her if a unit had reach I think a full 10-man unit could be hitting her, which is going to cause some pain. She is really in danger of dying from a thousand cuts compared to other casters/locks.

Finally on the bad side is WALLS!!! and other linear obstacles they are just effective roadblock for all huge bases as they to be able to clear them completely.

So what is actually the upside to huge bases besides being able to look awesome? Well she can’t be moved outside of activation and is immune to trampling and throws while trampling means they can cover a lot of models!

Another thought is she will be immune to some very specific spells that target warrior models or jack/beasts which can be very helpful in some circumstances.

Obviously this is all out of context with what Ms. Lylyth can do but it is a good starting point to understand the unique problems she poses.


So for a giant sleigh being pulled by only 2 reindeer, I mean Ulks she is still pretty fast in fact faster than some other cavalry! Her strength is high but that will be down to the sleigh!

Her MAT is pretty reasonable for such a well know shooty warlock speaking of which her RAT is a very nice high number ๐Ÿ™‚ Her DEF and ARM are both not something to write home about however for a large base her DEF is still pretty decent and her previous iterations are going to be jealous of her ARM. So considering that she is still sitting on better defensive stats than the older generations, I’m looking at you Nemo, maybe being on a large base isn’t too bad?!


Whisper – Is her pretty standard bow at both RNG and POW (and obviously being magical)

Scything blades/Mount – As she is a battle engine of sorts she also gets to use the blades on either side of her sleigh and her mounts are also coming in kicking!

What is interesting is everything is at the same POW/P+S for all 4 of her attacks. She is not a power house but she can certainly have a lot of attacks for a caster/lock. But overall on the surface not anything worth while until we turn the card…


Weapon Platform – Very handy in that it means on a charge she can be throwing out a lot of attacks in a turn.

Power attack trample – As I have already mentioned you can trample with that huge base which could really hurt infantry (although not the heavy kind).

Battle engine – As mentioned she cannot be targeted by spells that go for warrior models.

Rear attack – Means she has 360 LoS with her bow so you can trample and then shoot anything that survives, Roman Chariot style ๐Ÿ˜‰

Auto fire [3] – Makes sure she is hitting a fair amount of targets during her activation, although I am sad she can’t really assassinate with just 3 shots, a ROF2 could have been fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blood boon – If she destroyed something she can cast one of her spells for free. Very handy from turn 2 as it will save her some fury as with a threat range of 21″ she should be able to take at least one infantry model!

Threshing blades – Linked to the trample idea in that she can be at the slightly higher P+S rather than just S, when it comes to hitting


Escort – A great spell to have in legion, makes all the battle group that little bit faster. Not only but any warbeast close-by will boost her ARM which takes her up to beast/jack level of ARM.

Frost Hammer – This is her magic missile spell, which is a pretty standard spray attack which matches its POW to rest of her attacks (meaning against incorporeals you want to use the great range on the bow rather than this). But it does have critical stationary on it which sometimes needed. Very situational and expensive when you need the critical!!

Wind Wall – THE main way to keep her safe early game from range although watch out for arc nodes and spells! It’s a shame models need to be completely within 3″ to also get the bonus as it could have been immense with Archangel ๐Ÿ˜‰

Her spells are very much a support user kind of look about them as beyond the Frost Hammer they are there to either protect Lylyth herself OR make sure the alpha strike is more of a possibility with her beasts.

Feat – The Reaping

A nice little feat to be dropped early in the game. Any range attacks coming from within her control area then enemies hit suffer ‘death chill’ which means they have to forfeit either their action of movement next turn. This is a great feat to either force an opponent to give you scenario points OR sacrifice part of their force if attrition is the game. Failing that it means you stop additional forces coming to help something you have already got into combat with! It certainly has some great ways to use and the possibilities are pretty endless. Hell you could almost use it as a 2-turn assassination….Imagine getting in on the caster/lock BUT you fail drop the feat and nothing can really come in to support the caster/lock, perfect storm weather!!


She has some very interesting game play going on and she does look like good fun to play. Offering both you and your opponent something they have never considered or prepared for usually.

Would she be considered ‘competitive’ I am not sure there is a lot of very good legion warlocks to considered. I do think she would work well for scenario wins just because of her movement and she can really take out infantry (single wound) well leaving the beasts to do the heavy lifting.

Be interested to hear what others think of her..


6 comments on “Lylyth the tank engine

  1. I believe you misquoted Escort. It doesn’t increase warlock’s speed, only her armor, an the latter part is when a beast from her battlegroup is 3in from her, not b2b.

    Is the feat viable in that shoot first feat later way?
    If so, nice find!

    • Thanks for the spot on Escort.
      My idea of the feat was if you manage to get say a Ravagore on a out of position caster and/or you have gone for assassination with a chunk of your army prior to Lylyth going and you fail you can pull back a bit but using Lylyth and any remaining forces to freeze key enemy pieces to either stop a retaliation or just keep the pressure on the caster.

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