Do You Have A Flag? – Creating Fluff

If you ever fancy writing your own fluff or wargaming related story (why havent you entered the Shellcase shorts??) then I think you may find a great post on Do you have a flag about creating your own fluff.

This is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while, but have put off because it actually needs a bit of thought. It’s also one that feels like I’m stating the obvious, but a few people have expressed an interest to me about such a post so here it goes… The focus is very much on 40k, because that’s what I know and love best – but I’m sure the principles apply to many other sci-fi and fantasy games.

As I’ve stated before, for me fluff is very important. It seems in world of Warhammer for a while the fluffy player is second best, it’s the tournament types that seem to have been the most vocal. This all seems to be shifting with 6th edition, and I’m rather happy about that. Even beyond the games of GW, fluff is till important. I don’t care how good the rules are or how pretty the models are, if the fluff is lacklustre I’m not going to invest in that game or model set. And I love well-written rules, they’re important, I love beautiful miniatures, I am a big fan of conversions big and small- but without the fluff the game and the miniatures are pointless and lifeless. The fluff gives them purpose and a whole other dimension. You’re painting a particular faction and maybe know why they have such a livery, the models your converting have a reason they look like they do. Colonel Scipio’s posts particularly bare this out (as would mine if I wasn’t so lazy…), our games contribute to a continuing and interconnected story.

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