#Warmongers random meet up – Is nearly here!

Well not long to go now Warmongers 😀 In fact in little over a week it will be here.

The #Warmongers Random Meet Up at Stafford Games Gaming Centre. on Sunday 26th August 2012

Everything is GO for this now we have the promised numbers to make it worth while we have the name cards and pink pen for identifying the #Warmongers and remember non-warmongers are allowed although they will suffer gaming penalties as is only right 😉

So some more details about the day;

  1. Any game is allowed there should be plenty of tables for people to try different things (I shall be bringing at least 3 different systems myself).
  2. Opening times is 10-5 so loads of time to do stuff.
  3. The Stafford Games Shop will also be open if you want to browse  (after something particular make sure to pre-order by contacting them directly).
  4. Terrain is supplied but if you want to bring some more you can.
  5. Vending Machines are available for life-sustaining chocolate and FREE tea & coffee.

Looking forward to seeing you all there that can make it.

For more info please contact me on mmb2010@hotmail.co.uk or comment below or harass me on Twitter.

Please reblog retweet lets get as many as possible there 🙂


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