The Bellower: Gnoblar Kingdoms Army Book Beta

Over on the Bellower they have given us a link to the a Beta army book for the Gnoblar kingdom 🙂

Written by Mitch Worton and Mark Hampson they have created a great little book , now a word from them;

“We’ve been working on a independent Gnoblar Kingdoms army list over the last few months and we’ve finally decided to push it out into the real world so that all you lovely people can enjoy it.

The book is currently in a Beta stage, this is explained on the first page, bit simply the list is completely finished along with all the magic items, magic lore and Gnoblar crazy extras. However the background writing is still in progress and when it’s complete the army book will be upgraded.

So what does this book do? To start it can be used in two different ways, the first allowing you to field an army of Gnoblars independently using all the elements within the book – secondly the other way to use this list is to use it as a contingent force with either the Ogre Kingdoms, Orcs & Goblins or Chaos Dwarfs. This is all detailed within the book.

How do the Gnoblars work as an army? Well Gnoblars aren’t the bravest of creatures but the sheer number of them is their main strength, your enemies will find themselves overwhelmed by a tied of viscous little greenskins. However the Gnoblars don’t, ‘go it alone’, as to speak and an army fighting against a horde of Gnoblars will often be surprised that they’ve got a huge hulking Rhinox chariots joining their ranks as well as the abominable Yhetees or the destructive Burn Furnace… Whatever happens, playing against a horde of Gnoblars will be a random event, and most likely a lot of fun for both armies involved.

But that’s not all, the Gnoblars have lots of tricks up their sleeves which they unleash on their enemies, the Cult of Scrap use their plethora of rusty weapons to enhance the Gnoblars around them. Spoonlickers summon spells to enhance the Gnoblar masses as well as annoying the enemies in an attempt to grind them down, and of course the Gnoblar Firecrackers who rocket Cathayan fireworks into enemy ranks blowing them to pieces! There is much chaos and hilarity to be had…”

If you want to have a look at the book then head on over HERE for a direct link to it.


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