Some awesome legs on this bad boy 😀

Well that title was a mouthful. Try saying it 5 times fast.

The best part about this costume is that it’s bathroom friendly!

I finally got some time to meet up with a friend and get some airbrushing lessons. So this was the perfect time to undertake the next stage of “Project: Sir-Walks-A-Lot”. He base coated most of it while explaining things to watch out for and how to properly use a airbrush. All in all it was a great learning experience and I plan to airbrush my Colossal Conquest myself. I initially messed up parts of the model when I was trying to use a saw not quite up to the job while converting it and decided to use that as a excuse to work on doing some basic battle damage on it. I think it came out decent and might do the same on the Conquest.

I decided…

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