Wargames Factory Shock Troops – Review

Hello all, today I am luckily enough to be able to review some miniatures from Wargames Factory War.

So what am I looking at then? Well its their Shock troops plastic infantry miniatures.

General observations

Well first off lets look at the box.

Very nice, really compact box and plenty of colour.

Now inside for the shiny ;), allΒ  the individual sprues stack on top of each other. For those like me that look at new toys and then try get them back into the box in the same way and fail spectacularly will agree this is a very nice touch and extends the whole compactness of the product.

Something else you will notice is that they do not come with bases, so if you wanted to use them for certain gaming systems some modifying will be needed….

Moving on what about the miniatures well you get enough on the sprues to make 18 troopers with each sprue holding 3 troopers with an assortment of heads and armaments.

Now all 6 sprues that are within the kit are identical so no separate command sprue or special weapons everything is on the one sprue. There is a separate box available for heavy weapon teams so keep your eye out for them.

The plastic feels and looks robust and is not a million miles away from other large producers of plastic miniatures such as your Airfix and GW. Certainly no complaints from me.

The need for clean up is nothing more than that you would expect from any other plastic kit on the market. Quick hobby knife to mold lines and you are away.

The build

I approached this the same way I would personally approach this for a non-review unit. e.g. head first without any thought or structure πŸ˜€ But I did remember to take WIP pictures (always handy for a review πŸ˜‰ )

They are pretty simple to put together; Body, Head, Arms and you are done (obviously a couple of extras can be used (e.g. pouches, knifes etc.).

Although you don’t get the pose-ability of GW I don’t think it is an issue for these. I like them, and as I mentioned the mold lines are not too bad and easy removed.

As already mentioned, you will need to add bases if you want to use them in certain games. This is my one frustration with the kit but it is easily rectified with spare bases. I had 2 options now and it was to glue straight onto a 25mm bases or remove the molded base. I have tried both and think the extra effort of removing the base is the way forward yes it is particularly hard in some cases (lost the odd foot) but worth it (BUT be warned you need to be very careful…)

Scale shots

As always here are the dynamic duo to provide scale shots for. I have used the based up trooper that I would have done for all of them and as you can see he hits in nicely OK not particularly bulky (read Hero scale) but I like the overall look.

As an added scale shot to show these emphasize they are more true-scale than Hero scale. However I like the notable difference (Catachans being as big as SM anyone?) and if I did a human guard army I would be using these no question.

Conclusions – Overall this kit is absolutely amazing value for what you get. Yes you do not all the extras you get with other companies kits but you certainly have enough to create a complete a nice looking unit or 2.

The only things that ever bothered me were the lack of bases and molded base but these are easily sorted out in the long run. The other is some of the necks are pretty long so some more converting for a better fit maybe needed if you are that way out.

But of you want lots of decent looking sci-fi humans for an army for this value you would be daft not to consider them.


5 comments on “Wargames Factory Shock Troops – Review

  1. I bought three boxes a few months ago to stand in as either Veteran Imperial Guard or as Stormtroopers. They are excellent and paint up well.
    What you didn’t mention is that you get 14 heads on each 3 figure sprue. Enough in fact for me to rehead my entire Cadian IG army so the whole force ties together nicely now.
    One of the heads is an octopi/cthulu/mindflayer type, which I have used to create a specail veteran unit for when I play my IG as chaos renegade guard πŸ™‚
    With three boxes you get 54 figures for about the same price as 20 Cadians from GW so the value is brilliant. I cannot recommend these highly enough.

  2. Thanks for the review. As I’m just a casual gamer, I’m wondering if you happen to have any Heroscape figures that you could line up with these. Are they approximately the same scale?

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