Steampowered Gamer does Stormwalling

The steampowered thinker has been playing around with everyones favourite big gunned (not over-compensating) blue boy the Stormwall.

By now if you haven’t already heard, Privateer Press released the cards for the Cygnar Stormwall and we get our first official peek at a Colossal!  We now know a lot about the direction Privateer Press took with these large models and they aren’t the crazy unkillable machines that some initially thought.  In fact, the Stormwall has less ARM than Ol’ Rowdy.  So, naturally, I want to jump right into designing a list around such an awesome centerpiece model, and now that we have the cards, we can actually start planning – making some assumptions of course about how the rules will work for these guys.  So let’s break down the rules for the Stormwall and look at which warcasters would make the most of a giant robot with lightning fists!

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