Bear-All Showcase – MephistonAG

Welcome to the latest Bear-All Showcase.

As always head to the original post for more info. But for now let’s have a look at Dave and his answers, here we go…..
1) Name (alias) – @MephistonAG (or Mephiston on many forums)

2) How long have you been into the hobby? Too long! Started playing D&D regularly back in 1982. (back before I was born)

3) How were you introduced to the hobby?

One of my older cousins ran a game of D&D one evening on an extended family caravan trip.

4) What attracted you to the hobby all that time ago?

It was an outlet for your imagination; you could be the hero I was reading about in various books.

5) Has that same attraction changed over time?

To a certain extent, I still enjoy the fluff but games that throws up tactical challenges appeals too. That and the social side are all reasons I’m still gaming.

6) Can you put collecting, building, converting, painting, gaming into order of preference please

Gaming, collecting, building, painting, converting

7) Why is gaming your top preference?

For me it’s about the playing of the game, the challenge of making what you’ve chosen work and to outwit your opponent. Not that I manage that often.

8) What does a bear do in the woods? Hide from all the wildlife cameras.

9) What was the first miniature you ever bought/painted?

I can’t say I remember. Chances are it would be one of the Dwarf Adventurers in the citadel C06 range from the first citadel compendium (

10) Do you still have it?

While I’ve not sold any of those first mini’s sadly during one of many moves they have gone missing.

11) What is your favourite ever miniature? You are allowed more than one if you can’t decide.

Don’t really have any one model. I’d have to say I do like the Legion of Everblight beasts for hordes. Lots of menace in their posses.

12) Bacon OR Sausage?  Both surely?

13) What was your first gaming system?

D&D, the red box for those of a certain age, soon replaced by AD&D.

14) What gaming systems do you currently play (bias is allowed)?

Warmachine/Hordes, Epic Armageddon, Dystopian Wars, Kampfgruppe Normandy, Mordheim, Blood Bowl – That’s the games I’ve played this year to date (May 12)

Also enjoy Force on Force, Impetus, Warmaster Ancients, Blitzkrieg Commander.

15) What is your favourite system you have ever played?

Can I have one per genre? lol

It’s  a coin toss between WM/H and Epic Armageddon.

16) Why?

They both have relatively simple and streamlined rules, yet provided a deep tactical challenge to play.

17) What do you look for in a new game?

Tight, well written rules. If it’s a fantasy style game enough background to grab my imagination too.

18) Can you put these into preference – Miniatures, Fluff, Rules

Rules, Miniatures, Fluff

19) Why is Rules the most important?

I’m not a painter. If the rules don’t work for me it doesn’t matter how pretty the models are. Hence my malifaux crew were sold.

Thanks to Dave for doing these answers and now time for;

The Showcase


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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