Bear-All Showcase – jdmickleburgh

Welcome to the newest post of the Bear-All Showcase. As standard for these please check out the whys and whens in the original post to see if you want to take part.

So time now to see our latest contribution this time from Jon, here we go…..

1. Name (alias) – Jon, @jdmickleburgh

2. How long have you been into the hobby?

This is my second stint in the hobby, first was ’98-’05 then left after discovering girls, then started again in Jan ’10.

3. How were you introduced to the hobby?

I was always into fantasy, my parents raised me on a diet of fantasy literature and Star Trek. Me and my brother were also into story telling and would make up involved stories. We were on a family holiday in Cornwall, I was 11, he was 9 and we saw some GW models in a toy shop window and thought they looked cool. It took a while before we realised there was a game that went with it…

4. Has that same attraction changed over time?

Yes and no. My favourite part of the hobby, before painting and gaming, is still creating stories within the games. I have players on my blood bowl teams who I know will never EVER pick up the ball, even on a 3+ with a reroll. And I know I have one death marshall who is luckier than the others and can always be relied upon. But I have developed a love of the game mechanics which I didn’t have when I was younger. I love working out the odds of something happening beforehand only to realise that it is irrelevant and that I’ll still pick the most fun option. It’s never been about winning though. In my head I’m always winning.

5.Can you put collecting, building, converting, painting, gaming into order of preference please

Gaming, painting/collecting, building/converting

6. Why is gaming your top preference?

Gaming for me is the be all and end all of this hobby. Painting is fun, sure, but I’d play games using different coloured bottle tops as different models. Plus gaming is the most social of the choices. This hobby is all about having great times with great people.

7. What does a bear do in the woods? Find the pope (hard to find as well)

8. What was the first miniature you ever bought/painted?

Wood elf archers, box of 10, all identical. Beautiful.

9.  Do you still have it? Yep

10. What is your favourite ever miniature?

On a fluff basis it would be either Squig Hoppers or Fanatics. On a model basis… I dunno

11. Bacon OR Sausage? Vegetarian sausage please

12.  What was your first gaming system? Warhammer fantasy (isn’t it everyones?)

13. What gaming systems do you currently play?

Malifaux and Blood Bowl. I’ve finally got enough local players of Malifaux to get a game whenever I want one at our LGC. Plus the thriving Blood Bowl leagues mean you HAVE to play that. Although I’m not too good. 2012 season: Orcrington Stanley (best name ever)– Played 5, lost 4, drawn 1. Washington Furskins – Played 4, Lost 4

14.  What is your favourite system you have ever played and why?

Malifaux for the awesome fluff and the mechanic. My partner is disabled and finds constant dice rolling difficult but now I can lose at home as well as at the gaming club (this is why partners should not be allowed to join in they suck the luck right out of you).

15.  What do you look for in a new game?

I try not to look at new games or I’ll end up wanting to spend money on them (Give in to the shiny)

16.Is toast really that lethal? Only in the hands of a true master.

17.  Can you put these into preference – Miniatures, Fluff, Rules

Fluff No.1, other two tied.

18. Why is fluff the most important?

If I want to really get into a game the fluff needs to be topnotch. If the rules aren’t good you can change them/make up your own, if the models aren’t good then use different ones.

19. Original or re-made? Reheated

Thanks to Jon for answering the questions but now its time for what we all really want;

The Showcase


Discuss awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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